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    Rant rant rant! Yes, I know it’s a small amount, but when every dollar counts for any small business, having to pay extra on the Seattle City Light electric bill due to “Difference to meet minimum charge” it just grates on my last nerves.

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    Although it’s annoying, the utility still has maintenance costs for your connection even if you’re not using it all the time. In general I think City Light customers have it rather well– by contrast, Puget Sound Energy has a basic monthly business charge and all of your electricity billing is on top of that, rather than applied to the minimum like City Light does for business customers.



    I can’t imagine how low a bill you are expecting for electricity usage. Running a small business has to require at least some electricity, is it really less then the minimum charge? That’s why when your business charges for fees or products you include your maintenance costs in your fee structure.

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