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    Hi! I’m looking to get a new or gently used hybrid bike for getting around the city. Can anyone recommend a place in the area with a good selection and knowledgeable staff who won’t overcharge me? Also interested in learning about any bike co-ops if they exist. Thank you!



    Hi, kgallaghy, WSB Forums is a great place to look for advice on this, and so much else.

    But, specifically to the topic of bikes/bicycling in West Seattle, and although I’m not…ummm…connected to them, other than casually following their Facebook page, I’d check with the group West Seattle Bike Connections.

    As far as purchasing a bike, although I don’t have personal experience with any of them, I think I’ve heard of mostly favorable experiences with all of the West Seattle bike shops.

    That being said, if I were in the market for a bicycle, the first place I’d probably check out would be Alki Bike & Board in the Admiral District.

    Not only is owner Stu Hennessy hugely involved with the local bicycling community he’s also very involved with the West Seattle community as a whole.

    Hope all of this helps!




    I recently just went through the process of getting myself a hybrid fitness bike so I will share a bit of my experience. Most of the entry level type bikes are sold out (sub-$1200 bikes), and have been for months. Many stores are getting them a few at a time, sporadically. I was looking for a Specialized Sirrus model specifically, and called a couple dozen stores around the western side of the state. After a couple weeks I was able to find one in Gig Harbor in my size, but not the color or model I REALLY wanted (I had to spend about $250 more to get a higher end model since it was the only one available). When I called, I also asked if they had anything comparable to the Sirrus model, or any entry level priced bikes. The answer was always no. Some stores told me they had literally zero bikes in store available to sell.

    So the short answer to your question is, don’t limit yourself to a specific store. Just start calling around and hope you find a store with what you are looking for. If you know a brand or model you want, you typically can go to the manufacturers website to see what stores carry which brand (online inventory is not accurate according to most stores I called), then start calling. Good luck!



    Here’s a shop in Renton very friendly and knowledgeable and prices aren’t bad.



    Thank you Mike! This is very helpful. I will check out Alki Bike and Board, and thank you for the WSBC recommendation. I’ll follow them.



    Hi Brad,

    Thank you. I had heard that it’s tough to find a bike – or at least, the one you want – during the pandemic. Your advice is good. I’ll look into models first.




    Hah! Love the name of this place. XD Renton is pretty far for me (I don’t have a car), but this may be worth it. I’ll keep it in mind!

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