CORONAVIRUS: Thursday 1/21/2021 roundup

Vaccine updates top tonight’s roundup:

VACCINE UPDATES: If you’re eligible and interested in getting vaccinated, you might be having a tough time getting an appointment. Even for those who qualify, broad availability hasn’t happened yet – at least not in West Seattle. We’ve seen signs of future potential availability – for example, the Safeway lookup suggests there may eventually be appointments at the Roxbury and Admiral stores. Walgreens says vaccinations will eventually be available at all of its stores (there are two in our area). Bartell Drugs doesn’t expect to see vaccine before next month. The city and county plan large-scale vaccination sites, but locations haven’t been announced yet. … Statewide, today’s health briefing included this stat: 335,000 doses have been administered in our state, out of 820,000 received so far. The state expects almost 100,000 more doses to arrive next week but to meet the “45,000/day” goal, will need triple that.

NEWEST KING COUNTY NUMBERS: From the Public Health daily-summary dashboard, here are today’s cumulative totals:

*73.445 people have tested positive, 521 more than yesterday’s total

*1,206 people have died, 8 more than yesterday’s total

*4,664 people have been hospitalized, 21 more than yesterday’s total

*808,114 people have been tested, 6,632 more than yesterday’s total

One week ago, the four totals we track were 70,547/1,165/4,495/782,951.

STATEWIDE NUMBERS: Find them, county by county, on the state Department of Health page.

WORLDWIDE NUMBERS: 97.4 million cases worldwide, 24.6 million of them in the U.S. See the nation-by-nation breakout here.

TESTING SITE OPENS: Last night, we reported on a new testing kiosk arriving unannounced at Don Armeni Boat Ramp. Today, it opened:

(Photo sent by Stewart L.)

It’s open 8 am-3 pm Mondays-Saturdays. Appointments are available here.

MANDATORY HAZARD PAY? Earlier in the pandemic, many grocery workers got an extra hourly boost of “hazard pay,” often $2/hour. Most employers eventually dropped it. Now City Councilmember Teresa Mosqueda (the West Seattleite who holds citywide Position 8) has proposed legislation requiring $4/hour hazard pay for Seattle grocery workers. Here’s the announcement.

NEED FOOD? 2-5 pm tomorrow at Food Lifeline (815 S. 96th) HQ, emergency food boxes are available.

GOT PHOTOS/TIPS? 206-293-6302, text or voice, or – thank you!

6 Replies to "CORONAVIRUS: Thursday 1/21/2021 roundup"

  • Diane January 21, 2021 (11:56 pm)

    the Gov announced a huge vaccine event with Virginia Mason at Amazon on Sunday; I was already on VM wait-list; I got email & text about 9pm with instructions on how to sign up for appt; I completed the sign up and got confirmation about 9:30pm for my chosen time slot at the “SuperVax Vaccination at Station 2” on Jan 24 at Amazon Doppler; they followed up with detailed instructions for Sunday; very organized, so impressed; I squealed with delight when I got the time slot; I’ve been trying everywhere for days; here’s the VM link to sign up for wait list; they’re doing 2,000 vaccinations on Sunday

    • Terry January 29, 2021 (12:39 pm)

      Hi Diane. My husband and I were also vaccinated at the SuperVax VMMC-Amazon clinic on January 24. Have you been invited yet to schedule your 2nd appointment? We have not received anything and are anxious to learn what the process is supposed to be. There is no information regarding this on the VMMC website. We assumed that we would have received the invitation by now. Any input from you would be most appreciated. Thank you!

    • Marianne February 1, 2021 (9:57 am)

      Diane, which vaccine did you receive?

  • Pessoa January 22, 2021 (9:02 am)

    America is going to be Amazon’s company town soon.  The size and scope of this company is alarming.  Most people are not aware that the DoD and DHS biometric ID systems have been migrated to the Amazon cloud.  The interface between governmental agencies and the private sector is  getting very, very murky.  

    • yeptheybig January 22, 2021 (10:03 am)

      going to be? amazon owns us already… 

      • Pessoa January 22, 2021 (1:38 pm)

        I always think of the film “Solyent Green,” when I see Prime trucks scurrying around the neighborhood. 

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