HELPING: Local students offer free online tutoring – and launch book/food drive

A group of students, led by two sisters, is working in two ways to do good deeds this summer. Along with tutoring, they also are organizing. Etienne Reche-Ley explains via email:

My name is Etienne and I am a rising sophomore at Stanford. This spring, my sister Noemi (she is a rising junior in high school) and I started a free online tutoring program to help WA State public school students from falling through the cracks during the Covid-19 pandemic. We have brought together 150 tutors who are high school and college students at schools around the world (many of them are West Seattle High School grads – Mikki Dysart and Sam Niederberger are part of our leadership team) who speak a total of 10 different languages. We are tutoring more than 70 students consistently.

Our goal is to reach a diverse crowd of students, focusing on those who are suffering most from the pandemic, students of color, low-income students, students who speak a language other than english, and students who face other disadvantages.

Right now, we are hosting a food, baby product, and book drive that will benefit the West Seattle Food Bank. The books will be distributed to local families through drop-off locations and we are encouraging people to donate multicultural books.

Meantime, if you know someone who could benefit from the tutoring offer:

We offer free online tutoring for WA State public school students. Our tutors are high school and college students who speak 10 different languages and who are eager to help. This summer, we are here to help students catch up on schoolwork, spend their free time in a productive way, prepare for a challenging new school year and give parents a break! Click this link to have your student paired with a tutor.

Questions about tutoring, and/or donations for the drive? Email The project also has a website and Instagram page.

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  • LyndaB July 3, 2020 (2:19 pm)

    Thank you for your contributions.  You are wonderful citizens.  :)  We are blessed to have kind hearted people in our community.

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