CORONAVIRUS: Monday 6/8 roundup

Tonight’s headlines in the virus crisis:

NEWEST KING COUNTY NUMBERS: From the Public Health daily-summary dashboard:

*8,507 people have tested positive, up 42 from yesterday (out of 2,427 more tests)

*567 people have died, up 1 since yesterday (and the previous day)

One week ago, those totals were 8,192 and 557.

ONE MORE LOCAL DEATH … in the 98106 zip code. The local zip-code totals are now:

98106 – 3
98116 – 2
98126 – 13
98136 – 1
98146 – 6

STATEWIDE NUMBERS: Find them here.

WORLDWIDE NUMBERS: Find them here.

WEAR YOUR MASK AT WORK: A reminder from the state Health Department:

Beginning today, all employees in the state are required to wear a cloth facial covering, except when working alone in an office, vehicle, or at a job site, or when the job has no in-person interaction. Employers must provide cloth facial coverings to employees, unless their exposure dictates a higher level of protection under the Department of Labor and Industries’ safety and health rules and guidance. Employees may choose to wear their own facial coverings at work, provided it meets the minimum requirements. Which Mask for Which Task guidance was issued today by the Division of Occupational Safety and Health.

PROTESTED? GET TESTED: The message was re-stated today by state Secretary of Health John Wiesman, during the governor’s afternoon media briefing. Don’t wait for symptoms, as that could take up to two weeks. (Reminder – anyone can access testing at the drive-up site in West Seattle, 10 am-3 pm Fridays at South Seattle College [WSB sponsor] – info here.)

MORE BUSINESSES REOPEN: We’re continuing to post announcements, archived in this coverage category.

GOT INFO? PHOTOS? Email or text/voice 206-293-6302 – thank you!

6 Replies to "CORONAVIRUS: Monday 6/8 roundup"

  • J June 8, 2020 (10:14 pm)

    Hmm… 7.8% of 2427 tests would be 189 new positive cases in King County, but only 42 are reported. Is the data really that incomplete? What are we missing?

    • Steph June 8, 2020 (10:40 pm)

      Total positives ÷ total tested
      8507 ÷ 108,631 = 7.8%
      It’s the running total, not the daily total. 

    • highpointaf June 8, 2020 (10:55 pm)

      8,507 positive out of 108,631 tested is 7.8% positive of all tested

      • J June 9, 2020 (10:16 am)

        So, that would imply that we have a current positive rate of less than 2%. That would be fabulous! Especially, having such a wonderful reduction just as we are reopening businesses, having mass crowded protests, and supposedly testing all of our care facilities. That truly would be wonderful. I think it is more likely we are not getting the whole story.

  • ScubaFrog June 9, 2020 (12:05 am)

    The numbers are coming down, how hopeful is this :)

  • AdmiralBridge June 9, 2020 (11:55 am)

    Highly recommend the Friday testing at South Seattle College…no waiting, no hassle, efficient process.  Relatively painless except for the actual testing which – forewarned – is nasalpharyngeal which I believe is Latin for “waterboard by swab”.  Flip side is it’s probably the most “in depth” test and the negative result was comforting.

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