UPDATE: Watch the launch with Alice!

11:40 AM: Another try today for the historic SpaceX Crew Dragon launch – and West Seattle educator Alice Enevoldsen is webcasting again, starting shortly. Go here for the quick required registration to join via Zoom.

11:48 AM: Alice’s webcast has begun. Launch is still on for 12:22 pm.

12:23 PM: Lifted off! (See it on Twitter.) … First American astronauts to launch from the U.S. since the last shuttle mission in 2011.

3 Replies to "UPDATE: Watch the launch with Alice!"

  • Gill May 30, 2020 (2:13 pm)

    Great launch!  And, yes, l remember the first US space launch while camping in eastern Washington. What a memory.

  • sgs May 30, 2020 (3:06 pm)

    Was counting down on CNN and all of a sudden at T-23 seconds, the picture changed to the rocket already in the sky.  The highly anticipated count down to zero and “Lift Off” didn’t go off as hoped.  Still cool.

    • Rooster May 30, 2020 (4:48 pm)

      nasa.gov has been live streaming all day, included the full countdown plus camera footage of launch from inside and outside the capsule. You might check the site to see if they have this morning’s footage archived. 

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