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HOURS AWAY: West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day 2019, one last preview

The signs are made …

(Photo texted by seller #283, which has “tons of kid stuff” plus “cooler full of ice-cold refreshments”)

The merchandise is ready …

(Photo emailed by seller #18, “vintage Singer Limited Edition sewing machine with table, circa 1980s”)

(High-backed kitchen bar stool, photo emailed by seller #197 – discount if you buy two!)

(Photo emailed by seller #281 – lots of snowboarding gear)

The 15th annual West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day‘s ~300 sales are hours away. Official sale time is 9 am-3 pm – please don’t show up early unless it’s one of the sales that are starting early (as noted in the map listings – clickable/zoomable online map here, printable/downloadable version here). We’ve published some lists in earlier previews (review the archive here) – here’s our “four corners” list:

Northernmost sale, #243 in North Admiral (which promises “everything including the kitchen sink”)
Southernmost sale, #5 in North Shorewood
Westernmost sale, #246 on Alki Point
Easternmost sale, #276 in South Park

Looking for camping gear? It’s in the descriptions for sales #19, #45, #94, #98, #116 #135, #150, #176, #183, #185, #201, #226, #246.

Check back here on WSB starting at 6 am for the usual highlights list of everything that’s happening – including WSCGSD, as well as the crane-takedown closure and Stamp Out Hunger (set out your donation before you head out) – and we’ll have as-it-happens WSCGSD coverage too. Looking forward to an awesome Saturday!

West Seattle power outage: Just west of 35th SW work zone

Just got a texted tip about a power outage that’s in its fourth hour just west of the 35th SW road work zone. The tipster says the outage – attributed on the City Light map to “equipment failure” – started just after road crews wrapped up for the day. SCL says 130 customers are affected, between 35th and 36th, SW Oregon and SW Alaska.

BIZNOTE: Funky Janes to celebrate ownership change with Monday event

(Photo courtesy Funky Janes)

Set your calendar for Monday to stop by Funky Janes in The Junction to congratulate its new proprietor and wish its former owner well. Their announcement:

Funky Janes has long been a pillar in the West Seattle community. It was opened in Jefferson Square in the ’80s, and has seen two moves (previously located across the street from Husky Deli) under previous owner Angela Nichols. For the last 9 years, it has been located at 4455 California Ave SW.

Maybe you’ve never visited the shop. Maybe you’ve stopped in after brunch at Ma’Ono or on a rainy day because you needed a hat. Funky Janes is still here because West Seattle believes in small businesses. The heart of the store has always been its commitment to the neighborhood and the people whom support it.

At the end of March, this institution changed hands from 20-year owner Angela Nichols to Panida Vilaythong.

Panida, previously a millinery apprentice and aspiring fashion designer, has dreamed of owning & running a women’s consignment boutique since her early 20s. When learning through a friend that Funky Janes might be on the market back in January, she knew this was her chance! She is a former West Seattle resident, but her heart remains in the community and protecting the essence of Funky Janes. At its core, the shop is about community-motivated business and economics at work on a small scale in our lives. A place we can gather and share. The community has always meant the world to the ladies of the store, from 25-year consigners to the ladies who walked in for the first time. Panida will continue to carry the torch that has burned so bright in West Seattle for many years. The only change to Funky Janes is the ownership.

In celebration of Angela’s semi-retirement, Panida’s takeover and all the wonderful customers who contribute to the success of Funky Janes, they will be hosting a happy hour event Monday, May 13th from 4 PM to 7 PM. Please stop in, hang out with Angela, meet Panida, and share cake, beverages, and stories of Funky Janes’ past. Let’s give Angela a warm sendoff toward her new & exciting endeavors!
Angela adds, “I am very excited to start the next chapter in my life but very sad since I have worked at Funky Janes / Kathy’s Kloset – the original name – since 1990… It was a job I started my senior year in high school … worked on and off through college and managed it for the second owner who changed the name to the current name … I will truly miss my customers which I call my store friends. I look forward to seeing them around West Seattle. My kids grew up at Funky Janes and now that my oldest is in college and my youngest is wrapping his freshman year of high school I felt it was the right time to move on. I feel so blessed that the legacy of Funky Janes will continue to live on and thrive. I will continue to help out at the store and I would love to see and catch up with my friends!”

In case you wondered too: About the warning signage on Longfellow Creek

The photo is from Mark, who asked us Thursday about the “contaminated water” signage that he spotted along Longfellow Creek at the SW Yancy footbridge near the West Seattle Athletic Club. Researching it today, we first checked with Seattle-King County Public Health, whose logo was on the signage. They said it was related to “a small sewage spill (about 100 gallons) at the West Seattle Golf Course. Our understanding is that the spill had gone into a catch basin and some likely spilled into Longfellow Creek,” and that Seattle Public Utilities had put up the signage. SPU told us, “Approximately 100 gallons were released on Wednesday evening, but it was determined that most of the spill was absorbed into the soil,” so the signage on the creek was removed.

CRIME WATCH FOLLOWUP: Admiral attacker Kierra Ward found not guilty by reason of insanity

(October 2017 photo by WSB’s Christopher Boffoli)

A year and a half ago, that was the scene in Admiral before police arrested Kierra M. Ward, 27, after she attacked a woman who was walking along the street with her baby. Today, the case against Ward was resolved with a ruling that she was not guilty by reason of insanity, and she has been committed to Western State Hospital. Ward had been charged with two counts of assault – first degree for attacking the mother (who was seriously hurt; her baby was unharmed) and second degree for threatening a man who came to the victim’s rescue. Last July, Ward was found not competent to stand trial and sent to Western State Hospital for attempted restoration of competency; in December, we reported, she was found competent, and her lawyer indicated the insanity defense would be pursued. With today’s ruling, according to court documents, Ward acknowledges committing the crimes but is acquitted because, the court finds, she “was insane at the time of the commission of the act(s) charged.” The order finds that “detention in a state mental hospital” is called for because she is a danger to herself and others. What the documents don’t say is how long that commitment might last or what the criteria would be for its end, so we’ll be following up.

TOMORROW! Updates for West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day 2019

Among the unusual items you’ll find at the nearly 300 sales on the map for tomorrow’s 15th annual West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day:

That’s a wooden toy ferry, dating back to 1980, and you’ll find it at sale #162, on Alki. Then there’s sale #122, in Gatewood, where a professional stager is selling a house full of furniture, art, and decor including these items:

So many sales, so many items – browse the map and listings if you haven’t already! Meanwhile, with temperatures forecast to hit the 80s again tomorrow, you might need refreshments. As is a WSCGSD tradition, there are lemonade stands among the 16 sales mentioning food and/or beverages – #35, #117, #204, #274. Shave ice is promised at sale #84. Baked goods? Five places and they’re all being sold as fundraisers – #90, #120, #186, #230, #241.

We could go on but we hope to get one more preview in tonight. So for now, get ready to enjoy a glorious day of person-to-person recycling. If the official 9 am-3 pm sale hours just aren’t enough, check the map for some open early, some staying open late, some even continuing Sunday! And if you find yourself with buyers’ remorse (or seller leftovers), note that WSCGSD is also accompanied by a donate-a-thon of sorts, with five ways to donate items – all listed here.

P.S. Remember that we have one traffic alert tomorrow – California SW closed at Stevens for takedown of the Luna/PCC crane.

P.P.S. Whether you’re shopping or selling tomorrow – send a photo! (Please include the sale #.) or text 206-293-6302 – we’ll be out covering the day, of course, too.

WEST SEATTLE TURKEY: Mystery bird still moving east

FRIDAY REPORT: Thanks to Lynn Hall for the newest photo of the “West Seattle turkey,” two weeks since we started hearing about sightings and receiving photos. It seems to still be headed north/east – Lynn spotted it along Alki Avenue this morning; that’s where Jan Pendergrass saw it on Thursday:

Sighting reports started in Seola, moved through Arbor Heights and Fauntleroy, along Beach Drive, to Alki Point, and now north/eastward along Duwamish Head. Still no word of anyone looking for a missing turkey. We’re checking with the Seattle Animal Shelter to see if they’ve had any reports from elsewhere in the city; three years ago, SAS speculated the turkey seen around town then might have escaped from a “private flock.”

SATURDAY UPDATE: Still headed east – but now south, with sightings in Fairmount Ravine and Belvidere:

That photo is from Catherine, who says, “Just saw the turkey this afternoon while walking through our neighborhood. Made me smile. Up on 38th Ave SW in the Belvedere neighborhood.”

SUNDAY REPORT: A photo from 10:30 am at 38th SW/Olga:

Thanks for sending the updates!

MONDAY UPDATES: Jody spotted it on “37th Ave SW between Stevens and Olga.”

Then it turned up in Tim‘s garden int the 2700 block of 38th SW:

After garden mayhem, Tim reported, the turkey took a nap.

TUESDAY UPDATES: The reports we received today were from the same general area. From Michael Ross:

From Regan:

There might be a reason the turkey’s lingered there. Rose De Dan of Wild Reiki and Shamanic Healing said she invited it to visit. She finally got to see it:

Tonight, around 7:30 p.m. I heard the very loud and distinct sound of a turkey gobbling! I looked out my front window which faces 39th and Lander, and there he is in all his puffed up glory, strutting down the street, gobbling away, and headed right toward my house. It is definitely a he, since only the males gobble. He is issuing a call to any lady turkeys in the nearby vicinity. Poor guy, I sincerely hope he finds a lady love.

He is definitely wild. As soon as I opened my front door he hightailed it in the direction of the greenbelt that runs behind the houses across the street from me. The neighbors have seen him fence hopping from yard to yard.

I did not see him again, but heard him gobbling away for a little while longer. I am so grateful that he came to call (literally), and I hope that he finds the female turkey of his dreams …

UTILITY WORK ALERT: North Delridge sewer project starts Monday

Received today from Seattle Public Utilities, word that work starts next week on a sewer-system project in North Delridge. The notice:

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Seattle Public Utilities (SPU) is making improvements to a sewer-system flow control station located in the Delridge neighborhood. This project will enable SPU to optimize use of the sewer system with the goal of reducing combined sewer overflows (CSOs) into the Duwamish River.

LOCATION: Construction will take place in the Delridge neighborhood at the intersection of SW Andover Street and 26th Avenue SW. See map for approximate location of work.

SCHEDULE: Construction is scheduled to begin Monday, May 13, and it will take about 3 to 5 months to complete the work. Typical work hours will be Monday through Friday 7 a.m. to 5 p.m., but weekend work may be required. Please note that weather and other factors may impact start date and duration of this project.

ANTICIPATED IMPACTS: During construction, you can expect:
• Construction noise, dust, and vibrations.
• Increased construction traffic and staging of large equipment in the area.
• Slowed vehicle traffic and intermittent lane closures near the construction area.
• Parking in or near the work area may be prohibited. o “No Parking” signs will be posted in advance of work. Please park in an alternative area, if needed.
• Pedestrian traffic on the north side of S.W. Andover Street near the work area will be restricted throughout construction. Pedestrian detours will be in place.
• Restoration of pavement and vegetation will occur following construction.

To receive construction updates via email, please sign up for our listserv by emailing

FOR MORE INFORMATION, CONTACT: Josh Campbell, Project Manager, at (206) 684-5257 or
James Barnett, Construction Engineer, at (206) 396-5278 or

For interpretation services please call (206) 684-5257
如需要口譯服務,請撥電話號碼 (206) 684-5257
통역 서비스를 원하시면 (206) 684-5257
으로 전화하세요 Wixii turjubaan afka ah ku saabsan, Fadlan la soo xariir taleefoonka (206) 684-5257
Para servicios de interpretación por favor llame al (206) 684-5257
Para sa serbisyo ng tagapagpaliwanag, tumawag sa (206) 684-5257
Về dịch vụ phiên dịch xin gọi (206) 684-5257

VIDEO: Hazmat response at 35th SW apartments after woman found dead, police officers sent to hospital

(WSB photos)

9:55 AM: If you’re wondering about the SFD/SPD response in the 8800 block of 35th SW, Seattle Fire says they’re “investigating a possible chemical substance in apartment building” and advising people to stay away from the area. Updates to come.

10:06 AM: Our crew reports 35th is blocked between Henderson and Trenton; this is happening in an apartment building nearer to Henderson than Trenton. SFD confirms one person was found dead in the building.

10:24 AM: The Medical Examiner has arrived at the scene but before they can handle the death, SFD crews are still working on the unspecified hazardous-materials situation. While 35th remains blocked, police are allowing buses through.

10:42 AM: SFD is still dealing with the scene, with hazmat gear and washdown stations. SFD’s public information officer Kristin Tinsley is there so we should get some updates soon. And the helicopter, if you’re wondering, is a TV station.

11:01 AM: Just briefed, by Tinsley and SPD PIO Det. Mark Jamieson. (video added)

This started – as a commenter noted – as a “welfare check,” a call for police to check on someone who hadn’t been heard from in a while. Officers who found the dead person had clearly been exposed to something – hazmat crews are in the unit still trying to figure out what. The two officers have been taken to a hospital to be checked out. Nearby residents aren’t believed to be in danger but for now they’ve been asked to keep their doors/windows closed as a precaution.

11:22 AM: More information. The substances were primarily ammonia and chlorine bleach. The person found dead was a woman.

The response is mostly wrapping up now. That’s the other TV helicopter over the area now, by the way.

12:02 PM: SDOT says all lanes of 35th SW have reopened.

6 for your West Seattle Friday

May 10, 2019 9:45 am
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(Common Merganser, photographed by Mark Wangerin near Kellogg Island on the Duwamish River)

We are about to start a spectacular weekend! But first, some Friday highlights from the WSB West Seattle Event Calendar:

SNACK, CHAT, SOLVE: New program for ages 11-14 at Southwest Library, 3:15 pm. (9010 35th SW)

BINGO #1 11 am at the Senior Center of West Seattle (10:45 check-in), $6 buy-in. Must be 18+ to play. (4217 SW Oregon)

BINGO #2: Benefit for Admiral UCC, at Fauntleroy UCC, 5:30 pm – bingo with a “French picnic” dinner. Doors at 5:30 pm. (9140 California SW)

SONGWRITERS’ SHOWCASE: 7 pm at C & P Coffee Company (WSB sponsor), monthly showcase. No cover; all ages. (5612 California SW)

ART LOUNGE: Hang out at Highland Park Improvement Club and get creative, starting at 7 pm. Bar’s open. 21+. (1116 SW Holden)

TAVERN TUNES: The Eiffel Power, Jeff Greer, Shagnasty at Parliament Tavern, 9 pm. $7 cover. 21+. (4210 SW Admiral Way)


Celebration of Life planned May 18th for Cal Bannon, 1921-2019

Family and friends will gather May 18th to celebrate the life of Cal Bannon, and are sharing this remembrance with the community:

Calvin Frederick Bannon passed March 7, 2019, reaching 98 years of an active, productive, and charmed life.

Born February 15, 1921, he resided his entire life on the shores of Fauntleroy in West Seattle. Cal was a World War II “Hump” pilot, flying C-47 (DC3) cargo planes on China-Burma-India routes. After his stint, he had a three-month tour of the world on his way home.

Cal was an Electrical Engineering graduate of University of Washington compliments of the GI Bill. During his 30 years at Seattle City Light, he initiated a new higher-voltage system for all of Seattle. At work, he met the love of his life, Lavon (Bonnie) Hall. They both were pilots, ice skaters, sailors, and dancers and loved to travel the world with dance clubs and attend military reunions. They were avid skiers, passing the skills to their two sons, Paul and Phillip. Cal and Bonnie spent their winters at their second home in Arizona, where they enjoyed tennis, golf, and many friends.

Cal’s best friend Leon Harmon encouraged Cal to join the Lincoln Park impromptu tennis players. There, he met his constant companion, Flora Belle (Frankie) Key. They sailed the sound, especially enjoying Blake Island. Calvin was a celebrated ballroom dancer, never without his dance hat. Invited to China, Cal was treated as royalty for helping win WWII. He danced on the Great Wall of China and Yangtze River!

Cal lived a full, busy, and exciting life. He skied well into his 90s and was playing tennis and dancing up until the end. He refused to quit climbing ladders to trim trees! He gardened and made homegrown pumpkin pies.

Cal leaves his two sons, daughter-in-law Sonja, grandson Tomas, and granddaughter Sofia.

Cal’s special sweet smile, politeness and positive outlook are lessons to us all. Thank you Cal.

There will be a celebration of life at Cal’s house on Saturday, May 18th, any time after 1:00 pm. 9030 39th Ave SW.

(WSB publishes West Seattle obituaries by request, free of charge. Please e-mail the text, and a photo if available, to

TRAFFIC/TRANSIT TODAY: Friday watch plus Saturday reminders, including crane closure

May 10, 2019 6:55 am
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(SDOT MAP with travel times/ Is the ‘low bridge’ closed? LOOK HERE/ West Seattle-relevant traffic cams HERE)

6:55 AM: No incidents or alerts so far. One reminder for today:

AVALON SHIFT: If you travel Avalon and/or 35th, be sure to read the update we published last night.

Reminders for tonight/tomorrow:

NORTHBOUND HIGHWAY 99 TUNNEL: Scheduled for maintenance closure 11 pm tonight-early Saturday

CRANE REMOVAL: California SW is scheduled to be closed at Stevens all day Saturday for removal of West Seattle’s only tower crane.

SHRIMP FISHING: Don Armeni Boat Ramp (1222 Harbor SW) will be very busy Saturday early morning through early afternoon, with a 7 am-1 pm shrimp fishing opening

WEST SEATTLE COMMUNITY GARAGE SALE DAY: 9 am-3 pm Saturday, sales all over the peninsula (here’s the map).