UPDATE: Car vs. bus on Delridge Way SW

5:48 PM: Thanks to Matt for tweeting the photo, and to texters who also tipped us – that car/bus (a 125) crash is on Delridge at Dakota. No SFD dispatch so apparently no serious injuries. We have a crew en route to check the scene.

6 PM: Our crew says the bus is gone; the damaged car is off to the side, and traffic is flowing normally.

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  • WS Resident November 2, 2018 (8:11 am)

    I was on that bus.  Not really sure what happened.  We were stopped waiting for traffic to clear ahead of us when we felt a little bump.  Apparently the little Honda and Ford did not see the big bus in the middle of the street.  

    • G November 2, 2018 (10:28 am)

      And that bus had nary’a’scratch on it i bet.. Simple people… thinking a 2500lb car can move a 60000lb bus… Silly uumans…

  • I. Ponder November 2, 2018 (11:49 am)

    Looks like driving while texting to me.

  • Jim P November 2, 2018 (1:15 pm)

    Be interesting and possibly amusing to see the car driver’s cell phone log at the time period.I had a friend who once got badly rear-ended at a stoplight by someone who had dropped their candy bar and was fishing around on the floor for it  *while driving*.

  • WSB November 2, 2018 (1:43 pm)

    There was no citation for distracted driving or any other similar possible cause. However, Municipal Court records show a citation for driving without insurance. Whether that means the driver didn’t have proof of insurance or actually was uninsured, impossible to tell. – TR

  • Yessir November 2, 2018 (3:42 pm)

    WSB. The law requires a driver carry a proof of insurance card in their vehicle at all times(while it’s occupied and/or moving).  No card = automatic ticket. If they take it to a magistrate and show that they have it the fine will be excused in most cases.

    • WSB November 2, 2018 (4:12 pm)

      I know. That’s why I qualified with, don’t know whether the ticket was for not having proof (I was guilty of that many years ago) or actually not being insured. Hefty fine – $478 ticket!

  • waikikigirl November 2, 2018 (5:42 pm)

    Or they could have a insurance card but the insurance is not in effect even though the card says it is, this happened to me, I was rear ended exchanged info and come to find out she wasn’t up to date on her monthly payments. So a card doesn’t always mean they have insurance.

  • 1994 November 2, 2018 (9:56 pm)

    The fine for the ticket may be waived but you may still be obligated to pay ‘court expenses’ of around $120 or more. I had that experience once..

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