FOLLOWUP: West Seattleites’ donation drive for Standing Rock, one week in

Last weekend, we published Giles Stanton and Cathy Morgan‘s announcement of a drive to collect items for the Standing Rock Sioux-led oil-pipeline-route protest, before they drive to North Dakota later this month. After collecting donations at two locations on Saturday, they sent this update, including word of a meeting for people who have expressed interest in a caravan to ND:

Well, thank you, West Seattle! We spent a soggy morning collecting nearly a truckload of stuff, from heavy winter coats and wool socks to sleeping bags. Big thanks to Again and a Gain on California, who donated 20 pairs of brand-new heavy winter boots for children and women. And to the Olympic Athlete who gave us his (or her?) winter coats. And to the two children who hand-delivered two sleeping pads. Beautiful.

We very much appreciate the W.S.U.U. for letting us store all of this. And to the Duwamish Tribe, who had nearly another truckload of donated stuff stored and ready for pickup in their beautiful longhouse. Q-13 sent a reporter round to film us, so that was good. We were also interviewed by Jack, a UW student/journalist working for an online publication called The Globalist.

A number of people have wanted to help but have no materials, so we are launching a Go Fund Me site to help with the costs of the trip.

With regard to the caravan, we’d like to offer a meeting at Uptown Espresso on California (4301 SW Edmunds) on Saturday (November 12th) from 5 to 6 p.m. A coordinated convoy seems a bit tricky, but let’s talk through it and see what is possible. Come by if you want to join, find a ride, offer a vehicle, or have a good idea or two.

Wonderful to live surrounded by such a community.

Cathy and Giles

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  • Cannonball Too November 6, 2016 (5:22 pm)

    Wanted to say thank you again to the great support on our first week of collecting.  We had another pile of donations from the east side this afternoon.

    There are two more weeks to donate.  We hope to see you and/or at the caravan meeting next Saturday.

    Cannon ball 1

  • Molly November 8, 2016 (8:44 am)



    We’ve had a HUGE Influx of people suddenly – mostly white and there are some things you should know…

    1) No drugs or alcohol… This is not burning man or a festival. Do not bring your party at the expense of these peoples fight for life and death.
    2) Remain in prayer 100% of the time – this is a peaceful gathering and one that needs to be treated with the same respect you would hold in a church space.
    3) YOU ARE NOT ON VACATION – this is not a camping trip – if you come for god sakes HELP OUT! Carry something, cook something, clean something.
    4) Realize you are not going to “Save the day” – your donations will be taken and added to the stores but it’s no heroes welcome. Be ready for that. However, we are grateful for what you bring – if you want a Thankyou hug, come find me or Regina!
    5) Nobody wants to hear your songs with your guitar or drum around the fire – unless you are asked to perform, don’t do it. Along the same lines of how you would conduct yourself in church or a ceremony space. Just break out in song? I don’t think so.
    6) Find and talk to the elders – they are so wonderful and calming to be around! They are the pillars of this community and getting to know them has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my time here.

    DISCLAIMER – I know this may sound harsh but it’s what we are experiencing here. We need this to be very clear so take time to understand the traditions and Native ways before arrival.”

    Standing Rock Dakota Access Pipeline Opposition Oceti Sakowin Camp Standing Rock Sioux Tribe Nodapl #nodapl

  • Cannonball Too November 11, 2016 (4:04 pm)

    Hey West Seattle:

    We are looking forward to another great day of collections at the W.S.U.U. Church tomorrow morning.   

    Please check out the previous posts about the need for shelter.   (Winter tents, heavy canvas, and sleeping bags/pads.)

    Also, looking forward to seeing all who are interested in a caravan tomorrow night at 5 at Uptown Espresso on California.  

    Cannon ball 1

  • kbill November 21, 2016 (12:37 am)

    Hi. I realize I’m very late on commenting and your collections are over, but I wanted to see if you want any last minute donations. I have winter coats (mens and women’s) and some hats/gloves. I can drop off tomorrow.  Feel free to call206-890-0719

    thanks, Krista. 

  • Esme November 21, 2016 (10:11 pm)


    Just wondering if you all have left. I realize I am quite late commenting, and you probably have. I have been searching for a caravan going to Standing rock and wondered if you could take another person. If not I completely understand, and would still love to donate some sweaters, if you all are still taking. 



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