Comcast outage reported in North Delridge/Pigeon Point

While spot outages are reported fairly frequently, we’ve received several reports of this one, so it could be relatively widespread – we’ve heard from Comcast customers from North Delridge east to Pigeon Point. One customer says they’ve been told it’s supposed to be back on by 10 pm. Any other areas?

8 Replies to "Comcast outage reported in North Delridge/Pigeon Point"

  • Elizh June 16, 2016 (7:50 pm)

    Comcast Wifi was out in my Junction apt from about 5:30.  It’s working now. (7:45)  Cable TV was fine.

  • Westside45 June 16, 2016 (8:05 pm)

    How can you tell? Their high speed service is about the same speed as an outage.

    • WSB June 16, 2016 (8:06 pm)

      This is video too, or was. That’s kind of “either it’s there or it’s not,” it would seem.

  • wb June 16, 2016 (8:08 pm)

    I had the same problem (near junction)–missed a webinar, but OK now.

  • JS June 16, 2016 (8:41 pm)

    I’m on Pigeon Point.  Internet & cable went down about 5:30 & came up around 7:00.  It went down AGAIN about 10min ago.

  • matthew June 16, 2016 (8:56 pm)

    it’s on at 25th and brandon 

  • Sheila G June 17, 2016 (6:31 pm)

    All of a sudden our home phone is not working…any other folks having problems receiving incoming calls? We are north of the Alaska Junction.

    • AMD June 17, 2016 (7:10 pm)

      Not at the moment, but I have had that issue before with Comcast and it was never solved without calling them.

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