Hours after enforcement request, a crash

Right now police are at the scene of a one-car crash on Puget Ridge, on 21st SW north of Dawson. What we’ve heard via the scanner so far is that it’s a mystery – the car was found with airbags deployed, but no one inside (which is why a “rescue” callout was quickly canceled). The location is notable because just a few hours ago, as reported in our coverage of the West Seattle Crime Prevention Council meeting, a neighbor brought police a petition asking for speed enforcement on that stretch of 21st, which is now part of the Delridge-Highland Park Neighborhood Greenway.

2 Replies to "Hours after enforcement request, a crash"

  • dcn April 20, 2016 (6:00 pm)

    I’m finding the request for speed enforcement along this stretch of 21st Ave SW strange, since there are now so many speed humps along this road, I’m not sure how anyone besides buses could speed without wrecking their car. There are now 3 speed humps in a one block stretch just north of Dawson. And there’s several more of them on 21st along the stretch near Pathfinder school. 

    • Tony C. April 20, 2016 (9:35 pm)

      I have lived in the above-mentioned  area of West Seattle for a little over ten years. I have watched many drivers ignore the speed bumps, There are those of us that do pay attention to the speed bumps only to have to deal with the bully that is dangerously tailgating. Many a day I have watched speeding school buses hit the bumps so hard that I see all the little heads of passengers go up and then down.  Obviously, the accident last night involved one car chasing another. The impact of the car that lost control hit the rockery in the fork of the road so hard that it flip the car upside down. The driver and passenger were lucky to survive and scurried from inside the car only to be picked up by the driver of the other car.  Did the getaway, or rescue car, pay attention to the bumps? Heck no. Do you think these drivers were acting and driving responsibly?  If they were they wouldn’t have been speeding in the first place, and they would have stayed with the wrecked car.  From what I could see these were a bunch of kids out for a cheap thrill in which someone, anyone, could have gotten killed.  If they are still living at home with their parents, (and that would be my guess) do you think their parents are teaching them responsible behaviors? Sure doesn’t look like it to me.  Puget Ridge is not The Indianapolis Motor Speedway and some motorists are not bright enough to realize that. This is the reason for the speed bumps.   PS: A HUGE BRAVO TO THE SEATTLE POLICE DEPT.  THEY SHOWED UP TO THE SCREEN OF THE ACCIDENT WITHIN FOUR MINUTES  OF CALLING 911.  THE TWO OFFICERS  ARE TO BE TRULY COMMENDED.  THANK YOU SEATTLE POLICE.

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