Followup: How West Seattleites did at the Boston Marathon

(Adrienne Salzwedel, in Boston today; thanks to Jennifer for the photo)
First, big thanks to those who answered our call for info on West Seattleites at the Boston Marathon. Ironically, the only entrant we knew about when we published our first story very, very early this morning wound up not running, we’ve learned – 20-year-old Matthew Haggerty had suffered a recent injury and wasn’t able to run the marathon.

So here’s who did, and how they did – First, Francine sent this report:

Martin de Vrieze, 18-year resident of West Seattle, finished the Boston Marathon today with a time of 3 hrs, 9 mins, 49 secs. He lived in Boston as a child and his father had run in the marathon in years past. Martin is also training for the Leadville 100, a 24-hr, 100 mile race in Leadville, Colorado this summer. We wish him the best!

And thanks to Jennifer for this report:

Adrienne Salzwedel, a West Seattle resident, bib number 9154, finished the marathon with a time of 3:18:02! This is her second Boston Marathon. Last year was her first and she was luckily able to finish before the bombing occurred.

Next, thanks to Mark for using the results website to aggregate the info on other entrants we’d mentioned (before we knew that Haggerty had had to withdraw):

(added) Here’s a pre-marathon photo of Julie Granahan, shared by co-worker Michael Copeland:

(back to original text) We have a few images to add, and we’ll transcribe what’s in the screengrab above as soon as we get a chance, but wanted to get the information out – along with one more reminder of tonight’s 6:30 pm solidarity run from West Seattle Runner (California/Charlestown; WSB sponsor).

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