Roxhill Skatepark update: Project going out to bid, again

Last week, we reported that West Seattle-based Grindline was the “apparent low bidder” for the Roxhill Skatespot (skatepark) and playground-renovations-prep project (here’s that story). “Apparent” was an important word in that report, inferring “not final yet” – and indeed, that has turned out to be the case: This morning, we have an update from Seattle Parks’ project manager Kelly Davidson: “After review of the bids, project budget, and WMBE Inclusion Plan, Parks has decided to reject all bids. The only qualified bidder was $29K over the engineer’s estimate and this bid did not leave a sufficient contingency in the project budget. The inclusion plan was reviewed and discussed and will be adjusted in the revised bid. This has been posted to eBid and all contractors have been notified. The bid will be posted again this week and we expect to re-bid on July 25th.” (You might recall that Delridge Skatepark also went through 2 rounds of bidding.) Davidson says that means construction is not likely to start till late August or even September.

2 Replies to "Roxhill Skatepark update: Project going out to bid, again"

  • DntWryAboutIT July 19, 2012 (11:35 am)

    Bid? i thought rob dyrdek was supporting this park? someone get him down here so we can get this park built.

    • WSB July 19, 2012 (11:46 am)

      They donated the design and some of the materials. Someone still has to be paid to build it AND to prep the site for the adjacent renovated play area (the structure for that, itself, will be put up by volunteers). – TR

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