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West Seattle Crime Watch: Flasher reported near Alki park

We received two reports about this tonight, the most detailed one from Greg:

Wanted to share this for the benefit of parents and children in the Alki neighborhood. This afternoon a neighbor’s 5th grader and friend of the same age were followed as they walked home from Whale Tail Park along Lander to get something to bring back to the park. The child’s home is about 3 blocks from the park. The stalker was 30ish with a hoodie and stubbly beard. He lingered across the street from the house for a few minutes. When he was gone, the kids headed back to Whale Tail Park to join my wife, who was waiting there for them. On the way back to the park they were confronted by the same man along Lander in the block just east of the park in some bushes along the sidewalk. The man was exposing himself. The kids ran to the park and told my wife who was their waiting for them. She looked for the man but he was gone. She found somebody at the park to call the police who later came to our neighbor’s house and interviewed the child.

We just checked with police to see if they have any more on this; Southwest Precinct Lt. Alan Williams says officers searched the area after answering a 911 call around 4 pm about the flasher, but couldn’t find the suspect, who is described in the police report as “about 30-years-old, possibly with a mustache and closely-shaved beard, and wearing a black hoodie and pale blue jeans.”

Preparedness: Make sure your pets are part of your plan

Story and photo by Keri DeTore
Reporting for West Seattle Blog

While many of us have emergency plans in place for our families, most of us probably don’t have specific plans for our pets beyond grabbing them and running if disaster should strike. Members of the Washington State Animal Response Team (WASART), which focuses on animal safety and rescue, gave a presentation at the West Seattle Senior Center last night, sponsored by West Seattle Be Prepared, to provide information and resource sites for getting your pets as prepared for an emergency as the rest of the family.

WASART co-founder/president Gretchen McCallum, along with volunteer Ginger Dixon (R-L in photo), noted that the human/animal bond is never more important than in times of extreme stress, and WASART was created after stories of animals abandoned during Katrina were publicized. McCallum points out, “If it’s not safe for you to stay in your house, it’s not safe for your pets.”

Besides having enough food, water and medical supplies for your pet, McCallum focused on being able to identify your pet.

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Scam alert: Woman loses $6,000 after tall tale in Westwood

Just talked with a woman who reports a sad scam story similar to ones we’ve heard before: She says she was approached by two women at Westwood Village, outside the QFC store, who asked her for help. The web of what they needed/wanted her to do kept spinning – and now she is very sadly out $6,000, she says. The story had something to do with Africa, an impending airplane flight, and needing to show trust. She says that police can’t do much because she willingly gave them the $6,000, not realizing till afterward that she had been scammed, after an hour and a half of various stops and various people, including a visit to the Walgreens at 15th and Roxbury. The tale was reminiscent of this one, which also originated at Westwood Village, this time last year. Yes, we know YOU might not fall for this, but if you have particularly kindhearted friends/relatives, you might make sure they’re warned that this is out there. Sorry we don’t have descriptions on the suspects, but just the concept of being approached for a large sum of money should be enough to raise suspicion.

Followup: The West Seattle baby almost born on the bridge

By Tracy Record
West Seattle Blog editor

It was truly a matter of life and death on and around the West Seattle Bridge Tuesday morning.

While thousands will remember it for an incredibly long commute – two families were changed forever.

As reported here yesterday, one of those is the family of Bradly Gilmore, the 53-year-old motorcyclist who died after crashing while swerving to avoid a car in the eastbound lanes of the bridge just before 7 am.

Today, we finally have the rest of the story behind the other situation that briefly complicated the commute, as we had mentioned in our Twitter feed that morning:

(To be specific, the original call on the scanner was about a woman in an SUV whose “water broke” for her second baby.) Commenters later asked what happened with the woman in labor. We found out from Seattle Fire Department that morning that she had been taken to Group Health; we asked their media-relations team if they could tell us what happened, and they said simply that they had given her our phone number.

This afternoon, we finally got to talk by phone with Desirée, the mom who gave birth that morning. She tells WSB that her new son Brayden was born 8 minutes after they got to the hospital – at 8:18 am Tuesday. She agreed to share a photo:

Desirée says her mom was driving her to the hospital when they encountered the traffic jams that had gripped just about every road leading to the West Seattle Bridge that morning. When necessary, Desirée says, she told her mom, “get in the middle lane and drive.” Then they got to the light at Delridge and Genesee. “Mom, just drive!” she urged.

Then – “a big contraction” – and “I said, ‘Mom, the baby’s coming,’ and we pulled over.”

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Another chance for from-the-source Viaduct closure information

September 29, 2011 2:05 pm
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The October 10th evening meeting we mentioned the other day is still in the process of being finalized, the city tells us – your chance to find out more about the Alaskan Way Viaduct closure and the post-closure, long-term Highway 99 picture – for those worried it’s too early, we’re also told that it will be open-house-style, and the short presentation won’t be before 6:30 or so. And it will definitely be in the commons at West Seattle High School. But if you can’t wait till then or can’t make it that night, next week’s Southwest District Council agenda is out, and AWV deputy project director Matt Preedy will be talking about it, and taking questions, shortly after the meeting’s start at 7 pm Wednesday, October 5th, board room at South Seattle Community College, everybody welcome. (Immediately after that, the SWDC will talk about the SW Alaska rechannelization plan – reported here two weeks ago.)

West Seattle scene: About that big line outside Target…

The big line outside West Seattle’s Target store this morning was the result of an invitation sent out three weeks ago (here’s our version) – in honor of National Preparedness Month, Seattle Police and Target were teaming up to offer 100 families $100 each to put together their disaster kits.

All 100 slots filled up fast – and this morning, the people who got in on the offer got to go shop! Among them was the WSB’er who provided these photos. She adds: “I try to keep several days’ worth of food and water on hand for emergencies, and we have sleeping bags, but but there is no way I would have bought lantern/lamps and spare batteries without this program. Thank you, Target!” – and SPD, which explained the program in this SPD Blotter update published yesterday.

P.S. You’re not prepared till you know where your nearest Emergency Communications Hub is – find out (and access tons of other great info) via West Seattle Be Prepared. (We covered their special presentation about “pet preparedness” last night, and the story will be up soon.)

Citywide weekend traffic advisory: Mobile Chowdown & more

September 29, 2011 11:35 am
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Thursday means that SDOT is out with its citywide weekend traffic advisory – till event season ends later in fall – and the Mobile Chowdown that’ll fill the heart (and bellies) of The Junction on Sunday is among the biggies on the list. Also please note – as linked atop our BIG STORIES list under traffic/weather in the WSB sidebar – the westbound Spokane Street Viaduct (the bridge between I-5 and Highway 99) is scheduled to be closed 10 pm Friday to 10 am Sunday, and that includes the I-5 exits to West Seattle. Other weekend traffic details ahead:Read More

West Seattle schools: Roxhill kids to songwrite with Psalm One

You often hear about writers’ residencies at schools – but West Seattle’s Roxhill Elementary is about to get a singer/songwriter in residency, and students will be writing a song with her. The clip above is a song by Chicago-based hip-hop artist Psalm One, who is coming to Roxhill next Monday and Tuesday to write the song, which will then be recorded on Wednesday. Psalm One’s song in the clip above (PG-rated), “Woman at Work,” includes echoes of the fact that her resumé includes work as a chemist (explained in her bio)! This is part of the ASCAP Songwriter Residency @ America SCORES, a program whose organizers explain as combining literacy and athletics in an afterschool program for elementary-school students in underserved communities. The Roxhill song will be featured on an album that “includes Psalm One’s original songs with other SCORES teams throughout the nation,” according to one of three separate announcements we’ve received about this big event.

Lemonade stand? Passé! West Seattle kids set up egg stand

The photos are shared by Diane Vincent, who says she was headed home from running errands when, “I saw these adorable entrepreneurs Faye (6) and Owen (5) on corner of 41st & Hinds, selling fresh eggs from their chickens, for 25 cents each.” Diane not only bought three, she got a tour of the new chicken coop from Faye, Owen, and proud mom Anita, who told her they had raised their five hens from chickhood, and that they just started laying eggs a few weeks ago.

Wednesday happened to be the first day for their corner egg stand – check it out today (after school, of course); Diane said they were hoping to be back, and she promised them she’d spread the word. Oh, and Diane added in her note last night, “I just fried up the eggs for dinner; super yummy!”

West Seattle Thursday: Stories; bikes; baseball; burlesque

September 29, 2011 7:54 am
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(Great blue heron in a West Seattle tree; photo shared by Morgan)
After 7 am and it’s in the 40s; fall chill has arrived (check the latest temp/forecast/tides/etc. here). From the WSB West Seattle Events calendar:

ROSH HASHANAH MORNING SERVICES: The Jewish High Holy Days are here, and West Seattle’s Kol HaNeshamah (WSB sponsor) has morning Rosh Hashanah services/events (at First Presbyterian downtown) followed by a picnic – details here.

AT THE LIBRARY: 11:30 am, it’s Preschool Story Time at the Delridge branch (Brandon/Delridge) and Toddler Story Time at the High Point branch (35th/Raymond).

ASSESSOR SPEAKS TO LIONS: County Assessor Lloyd Hara is the featured speaker at today’s meeting of the West Seattle Lions Club, noon, Senior Center. (We spoke with him recently about WS property values and questions such as “why do my property taxes not go down when my property value does?” – story coming up this morning.)

BICYCLE DEMO: The Felt Bicycles Demo Truck will be at the West Seattle Cycle University location 4:30 pm to 7 pm.

HOW DO UNIONS WORK? West Seattle Democratic Women meet in the evening at the West Seattle Golf Course. Karen Hart, President of SEIU Local #925, will speak on how the union works to achieve its goal and what is being done to improve job opportunities and obtain equal pay for women. No-host bar and registration at 6:30 pm. Dinner at 7 pm, program at 7:15 pm. Cost is $12 for members; $15 nonmembers; or the minimum fee of $5, which includes coffee/tea and dessert. Check (206) 935-3216 or to see if there’s still room.

LITTLE LEAGUE MEETING: West Seattle Little League general membership meeting at 6:30 pm at Heartland Café. All members interested in joining the WSLL board are encouraged to attend.

BURLESQUE AT SKYLARK: Westside Burlesque Revue at Skylark Café and Club, 9 pm, $7 cover charge

SECOND-TO-LAST DAY: Seattle Parks and Recreation “Try It for $2” program runs through month’s end. Try something new for only $2! Attend a program or class session once for $2 at one of the city’s many community centers. If you like it, register for the remainder of the class for a prorated amount. More info at

Elaine Stannard, 1925-2011: ‘A life well and fully lived’

Richard Stannard shares this tribute to his late wife Elaine, who was a trailblazer in so many ways:

Elaine Viola Stannard, who died Sept. 16, 2011, was a graduate of the University of Chicago and the University of Washington, where she got her teaching degree.

She was a Quaker peace worker and civil rights worker in the mid-1940s in the Chicago area, when no one ever heard of such a thing. She was an activist member of CORE (Congress of Racial Equality) and knew many of the people who rose to prominence in the movement in the Sixties. At that time, she was married to a fellow graduate of the University of Chicago, the late Robert Davenport, the father of her daughters. They moved to the Seattle area in 1956.

She is survived by five daughters: Carolyn Benjamin, Elizabeth (Sherry) Davenport-Sanchez; Virginia (Ginger) Van Boven (husband Alan); Susan Moore and Roberta (Birdie) Davenport (husband Steve). Her grandchildren are Eric Benjamin, Thalia Ryer, Leslie Benjamin; Paula Wilson, Amber Kent; Leaf Van Boven, Lana Van Boven Hughes; Drew Moore, Brinn Moore and Rita Moore. Great-grandchildren: Phoenix and Griffin; Elena; Caleb and Anna, Elliot.

For seven years, she taught elementary school in Renton, a job that was plainly her first love. At that time, she was a resident of the pioneering housing cooperative, May Valley Co-op Community, and owned property there for many years after she moved away. She was one of the founding members of a food cooperative there which became Puget Consumers Cooperative (PCC), one of the leading retail food co-ops in the nation.

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