Nonprofit shelter Kitty Harbor ready for 2nd adoption weekend

Kitty Harbor, a nonprofit shelter and adoption facility on the south end of Harbor Avenue just before The Bridge, is open again for the summer, and getting ready to go into its second weekend. Jess Cliffe e-mailed WSB to share photos and this report :

It was a really successful weekend – we adopted out nearly 30 cats and kittens, all to great homes. … On top of all of our adoptions, we had a number of people from West Seattle come in to drop off donations, and offer to volunteer or be foster homes. It’s great to see the community coming together to help out animals in our area.

In fact, just today, we received a Facebook message from Melissa, telling us about three kittens she’s been fostering at her West Seattle home (photos here) – with adoption available through Kitty Harbor, which incidentally has a new website this year, as mentioned in previews last weekend – see it here. They’re open Saturdays and Sundays, 1-6 pm.

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  • Johnston June 10, 2010 (10:19 pm)

    As I write this, my darling Bella Luna snoozes on my bed. I met her at Kitty Harbor just before Thanksgiving 2008. She came up to me in their big kitty playroom and basically said “I want to go home with you!” Now we’re the best of friends!

    If you have a desire in your life for kitty companionship, I cannot recommend Kitty Harbor highly enough. They are committed to finding wonderful, caring homes for their little charges like they did for me, and Bella Luna.

    Keep up the great work, Delyn and crew!


    John and Bella Luna

  • celeste17 June 10, 2010 (11:11 pm)

    We adopted our little one last year around Halloween. Now she and her brother (another rescue kitty) and best friends and play and look out for each other. Wish we had room for a couple of more but two will have to do for now.

  • E June 11, 2010 (1:29 am)

    I got my cat Abernathy there as an eight-week-old rescue from a farm in Eastern Washington two years ago. She had crossed eyes and a funny looking face, and was terrified of everything. Now she’s fun and friendly, and her eyes have mostly uncrossed!

    I highly recommend Kitty Harbor!

  • Becky June 11, 2010 (2:59 pm)

    We got our two cats from Kitty Harbor. Syx is now two and Mowgli is 9 months. We’ve had some traumatic kitty experiences, nothing to do with KH, and Delyn was more than gracious to us. I recommend Kitty Harbor to everyone looking for a new companion.

    Keep up the great work Delyn!

  • sophista-tiki June 11, 2010 (7:20 pm)


  • JanS June 11, 2010 (7:43 pm)

    Does anyone know if Kitty Harbor does the spay and neutering before adoption, or do they leave that up to the new “parents”? Just curious as to what’s included with the adoption fees. :)

  • Jess June 12, 2010 (12:53 am)

    Hi JanS:

    The great majority of the cats/kittens at Kitty Harbor are already fixed. Those who are too young can be adopted out with a promise that the owner will get them fixed at the appropriate time. Adoption fees are usually discounted if this is the case.

  • mo June 12, 2010 (8:33 am)

    Here are a few kittens (8 weeks old) that we’ve been fostering for Kitty Harbor — don’t you want one? They are super friendly, playful and skillful! Come down to KH today for your new feline friend.

  • Delyn June 15, 2010 (9:38 pm)

    ADOPTION FEES average $70 and go toward the following: Spay/neuters, FVRCP Vaccines, worming meds, Revolution for fleas, FeLV/FIV tests, etc. Then there are additional vet bills, supplies, food, litter, utilities, fuel, eqiptment, etc. that come out of Delyn’s pocket if not covered by fees or donations. The average cost per kitty to “process” is over $100. The kitties over 2 lbs go out with the above. A few baby kittens are adopted on contract to be altered before 6 mo. old. The owner has a choice to go to our vet or to their choice of vet and mail back a spay certificate. The baby kittens have their first vaccine, wormed, de-flea, FeLV tested, etc. We do not want to adopt unaltered kittens, but when their is a surplus, we have little choice and would rather they be bonding with new families then sitting in a cage for a month with the potential of getting sick.

    KITTY HARBOR operates with awesome volunteers and foster homes whom put in countless hours. Kitty Harbor is not funded nor are there any employees. The building was purchased and supplied by Delyn before she retired from her paying job, so there is no debt. Hope that answers your questions.

    MANY THANKS to all the wonderful people who adopted from Kitty Harbor to share your love and save a life. God bless you.

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