Junction coverup: Bus shelter finally back


Thanks to Chas Redmond for that photo and word that the shelter on the southwest corner of California/Alaska in The Junction is back. When it was removed nine months ago (WSB report here), the county said it was going away so KeyBank could do some work on its building. (That same post had a long list of other shelter changes that were in the works at the time.)

1 Reply to "Junction coverup: Bus shelter finally back"

  • Evan Dando June 24, 2008 (11:39 am)

    I’m glad the shelter is back, but maybe they could have designed it a little more. The way the support posts are placed cuts up the (originally nice & wide) sidewalk in such a way that it’s awkward for walkers to pass by bus-waiters.

    Pushing a stroller through there? Good luck if anyone is standing waiting for the bus.

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