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Hallo-weekend begins

October 26, 2007 8:19 pm
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Every city-run community center in West Seattle had a Halloween/Fall carnival tonight; we stopped briefly at Southwest Community Center to check out the decor:


The signature event at the adjacent Southwest Pool happens this Sunday — a Halloween family swim at 2 pm, with pool games including the chance to swim among floating pumpkins. (Family swim means kids under 12 must have parents in the water with them, regardless of how well the kids can swim.) Tomorrow afternoon, it’s West Seattle’s best-known Halloween event — trick-or-treating in The Junction, 1-3 pm. See the WSB West Seattle Weekend Lineup for dozens more fun options. Side note, one thing that’s got us a shade unsettled this weekend — the Saturday night before Halloween is traditionally the night the clocks get set back, but not this year (good news for partiers); that’ll happen on Saturday night 11/3 (technically Sunday morning 11/4).

Quick updates from land-use land

Several West Seattle projects turn up in the latest edition of the city’s Land Use Information Bulletin:

JUNCTION MEGA-PROJECT BEHIND PETCO: A land-use decision is in for this 7-story, 136-apartment, 5K-sf-retail project, to be called “Mural” (more info here on the developer’s website). Construction permits are the next step.

4116 CALIFORNIA: Land-use decision on a 4-story, 40-apartment, ground-level-retail building proposed here. (map)

3636 BEACH DRIVE: Application filed to officially reclassify this one lot into five; townhouse permit already issued for this site. (map)

WEST SEATTLE CHRISTIAN CHURCH ADDITION: The land-use decision is in for a three-story structure adjacent to the church. (The project is explained on the church’s website.)

Making the south end of West Seattle safer

We’ve said it dozens of times and want to say it again today: West Seattle Blog works because of you. The photos, the information, the tips, the rumors, the questions, the comments, the announcements, or even simply reading WSB and using the info to become more involved in community events and concerns … thank you to everyone who contributes in every way. That said, we have a big shoutout today to someone who agreed to cover the White Center/South Delridge Community Safety meeting for WSB last night, when we realized neither WSB editor could go. Here’s his report, full of information that might be of value to you even if that’s not your end of WS, including more on the latest West Seattle crime trends:
By Evan Baumgardner
WSB contributor

This was my first time attending a Community Safety Meeting. I have to say, it was a real eye-opener for me, and I highly recommend checking one of these out if you haven’t yet. …Read More

West Seattle Weekend Lineup: Spooky stuff


(Photo: Fairmount Springs traffic-island decorations along Fauntleroy.) ‘Tis the weekend before Halloween, and all through the peninsula … Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately), nothing rhymes with “peninsula.” Let’s just get to the 47 events lined up for you this weekend, many of which are Halloween-themed, so get those costumes ready:Read More

Upper Fauntleroy sinkhole progress report

October 26, 2007 10:07 am
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The work to fill the Upper Fauntleroy sinkhole/gully (atop the Thistle hillside stairs, at Thistle/Northrop) is going well, according to an update we just got from Seattle Public Utilities senior engineer Jim Lee; photo above is from less than an hour ago. Jim e-mailed WSB with this update for everyone in the area:

The gully has been mostly filled in, except for the north head of the gully. We are planning on filling it in with Control Density Fill (CDF) and then starting sidewalk repairs. This should occur either today (if we are lucky and the crews can get CDF today) or by Monday (more than likely). Until then, the sidewalk and stairs will be closed. The temporary bridge was removed on Thursday so that crews could clean up all of the sidewalk concrete that had fallen into the gully.

If you’ve got gas, it’s getting new owners

Puget Sound Energy, which provides natural-gas service to West Seattle (and gas & electricity in many other parts of Western Washington), gas2.jpghas just made a deal to be acquired by a Canadian consortium. The PSE site has the official announcement plus a “here’s what we think this means to you” letter describing this as a “merger” with “infrastructure fund partners who are focused on the long term.” We were trying to remember how long it had been since Puget Sound Energy bought Washington Energy, which was Washington Natural Gas when we moved here; 1997, per the company history page.

Reader Recommendation Request: Best nail salon?

Before we all get immersed in the day’s news … the latest WSB Reader Recommendation Request. (You can find all previous RRRs here.) Nancy writes:

I’m hoping the WSB community can suggest a good place for nails, both natural and acrylics. A really good, affordable place is key to the all-important Saturday afternoon ritual enjoyed by women (and men!) all over town. A place I’ve been going to for a couple of years is lacking, and I’m looking for a new place.

The high points of any worthy nail establishment should include cleanliness (above all), efficiency, be affordable (i.e. a regular manicure under $25!), and it would be great if you could understand what the technician is saying, and they you. I mean, when we’re talking about avoiding drawing blood from my hands or toes, I would rather not have to repeat myself.

Click the comment link under the headline to share your recommendation(s). Thanks!

They can see clearly now

October 26, 2007 7:27 am
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In celebration of “great vis,” this blogging diver went out at night this week in West Seattle waters and reports seeing not just one Giant Pacific Octopus, but six, “within a 25-yard area.” A photo of one is included (scroll down to the entry dated today).