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Fire semi-drill

August 17, 2007 11:35 pm
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A nerve-wracking time tonight for the Delridge complex hit by the last big-ish WS fire just last weekend. Here’s another eyewitness account and pix from Sage K:

Our SFD has been hard at work lately; there was another response to the Longfellow Creek Apts, D building tonight around 9 pm. 6 fire trucks rolled up and Delridge was blocked off around the complex. 3 fire trucks were quickly sent on their way, and the remaining 3 had things quickly under control as it was only smoke and not a fire. They soon rolled up their hoses, let people back into the building and were on their way. The scene was clear as of 9:30 pm. On an interesting note a Metro bus 120 got waylaid on the side of the road where it had pulled off. The hoses were right in front of it. The bus with passengers had to wait their until the road was cleared.


One picnic down, one to go

Photos below from tonight’s Alki community picnic @ the playfield — barbecue and bouncing, what more could you ask for on a nice night like this? Tomorrow afternoon, another picnic to which all of West Seattle is invited: It’s at the Seattle Police Southwest Precinct next to Home Depot, and besides picnicking with your protectors, you also will get a chance to tour the precinct — 1-4 pm tomorrow.



Fire investigation update, Friday night

August 17, 2007 6:40 pm
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More pix and a little more information on the aftermath of the 4132 Cali fire: First photo below, looked like investigators were wrapping up at the scene a little while ago. Slog reports the Seattle Fire Department told them that the ATF involvement is routine for “large fires” like this and that so far there is no reason to suspect anything criminal, though the official cause has yet to be announced. Second photo below is from Christopher Boffoli, who talked with firefighters when he visited the site and reports the ones who were hurt are doing OK; in addition, he was told the firefighter who reportedly had a broken leg, actually just has a dislocated shoulder.


Freeway Fright ’07: Beware the drive home

August 17, 2007 3:49 pm
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i5logo3.jpgBy all accounts, things are uglier out there than even the usual sunny “let’s get out of here and get the weekend started” Friday afternoon. And there’s a Mariners game tonight, to boot, which usually bodes badly for the southbound Viaduct. Here’s the latest from WSDOT; if you want to check our group of relevant-to-WS live cams, all six are now at the top of our West Seattle Cams page. Drive safely!

ATF now at Cali fire scene

August 17, 2007 12:45 pm
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Thanks to a WSB reader tip, which we just confirmed with an in-person check, we know that ATF, the federal agency that investigates arson among other things, is now at the 4132 Cali fire scene. (This is what the project was supposed to look like, by the way.) From our understanding, ATF presence does not necessarily mean they know it was deliberately set, but there is some reason they want these specialists to be there taking a look. Also at the scene, the following photos (taken from the north side of First Mutual Bank, as 2nd photo shows); one firefighter was atop the ladder as another one joined him/her — what a perspective on the scene they must have:


Officially open

We reported 2 days ago that Bubbles on Delridge was expected to open by the end of the week … and indeed it has … just got this photo, GRAND OPENING sign and all, while en route to check the fire investigation (more on that in a few minutes). A reader writes to tell us the hours for Bubbles on Delridge are 6 am-8 pm M-F, 8 am-8 pm Sat-Sun.


WS weekend lineup: Picnics, performances, Python!

August 17, 2007 10:43 am
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Finally, the list o’fun — 40 options!Read More

Working to find out how the fire started

New photos from the fire scene: Investigators are there, looking around the nearby buildings as well as the burned condo project itself. Several people who lived in apartments to the south are still staying somewhere else because it’s too dangerous. No updates yet on how this started. This will have interesting ramifications for the block in general, since besides the project that burned, several other nearby sites are slated for construction.


Looking for the weekend lineup?

We will post it by late morning – the fire ate into our research time. If you are still planning your Friday night, one of the one-time-only events to consider is the Alki community picnic @ Alki Playfield, 5:30-8 tonight. More to come!

Fire aftermath

This morning the Seattle Times says three firefighters were taken to the hospital, one with a possible broken arm. This is the scene this morning and the smoke odor hits you from a block away. 8:12 AM UPDATE: Fire Department quote here, new construction goes up “like a campfire” (as Garrett’s photos show) … By the way, Cali IS open past the fire scene; watch out for looky-loo slowing.

The southwest corner of the building had the most damage.


Photos of the Cali/Genesee condo fire as it burned

These amazing photos are courtesy of Garrett Burke, who posted them on his blog with his harrowing fire story, which you also can read in comments on our earlier posts.


Freeway Fright ’07: 2-lane Friday

WSDOT made the overnight switch, which means 2 NB lanes on I-5 as of this morning. Click ahead for live cams; we’re keeping them off the front page because we’ll be talking a lot about the big fire:Read More

Update on big fire north of The Junction


We are just back from going down to check out the big fire near Cali/Genesee; Cali is blocked between Oregon and Dakota because of the huge response. The burned building is out of view but a neighbor who says he made the 911 call told us at the scene that it’s the under-construction condo building on the east side of Cali and at least one of its floors collapsed as it burned (comments on our first post below would seem to confirm that). He says there were huge flames for a while. The entire blocked-off zone is full of fire units (more than two dozen called out, according to the city 911 site); it appears at least one person got hurt — we saw someone on a stretcher wheeled into an aid car. You can expect the street to stay blocked off for quite some time while this is investigated; we will check back after the sun comes up to see how much damage was done.

Big fire callout

Anybody up late, we are hearing the sirens here – two miles away – and seeing the online 911 for a big fire callout at Cali/Genesee. If you’re closer, let us know what you see. We’re not sure how close we’ll be able to get.