Not till next year

Three months ago on one of our episodes of “As the Blog Turns,” we found out from Rob that Westwood Village had updated its website to trumpet the impending arrival of Taco del Mar and a mystery pizza joint. Ever since, the WS Blog Posse has strolled frequently around Westwood V, staring into the vacant spaces, trying to guess which ones would become TDM and “Gionnoni’s Pizza.” Turns out … it will be new construction … and it’s been delayed. A week or so after e-mailing WV management in search of answers, we just got this from the operations director:

They will eventually go into new space that is an extension of the current Payless Shoes/Sally Beauty building (where the gravel is next to Sally’s) along Barton Street. Unfortunately we have run into some permit and design issues and construction probably will not start until early next year – hopefully January. Given that schedule, they will open late spring/early summer 2007.

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  • Hills November 1, 2006 (10:08 pm)

    Is it too late to lobby WV management to keep Taco Del Mar out? I’d much rather have a Chipotle in there! It seems to be a strictly suburban chain for now, but it totally beats TDM! Plus, we already have TDM in WS (Jefferson Square).

  • Leslie November 6, 2006 (6:13 am)

    when you next speak to WV Management – can you ask them to widen their entrances – the ones on 25th Ave and on Trenton are downright dangerous – see folks close to being clocked on a regular basis – why doesn’t the city require wider entrances all the way around – goodness forbid we give up a couple of parking places at the outer rim of the centers – – –

    I wonder if the city keeps stats on accidents on these driveways/exits/entrances.

    Thanks !

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