This week’s grand opening

Scrolling signboard at Viking Bank (which took over the former Burger King location on the east edge of The Junction) says its “lobby” opens this Thursday. We’ve been thinking about exploring alternatives to the Locally Based SuperMegaBank that inertia’s kept us with for years, but a click on the “fee schedule” link on Viking’s home page doesn’t show anything attractive — $33 per overdraft, for example, is worse than Locally Based SuperMegaBank.

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  • chris m || hunk du jour September 27, 2006 (12:42 pm)

    West Seattle Tip: The increasingly popular Skylark Club & Cafe (in prior Madison Cafe space on north end of Delridge Way) had a small grease fire yesterday morning that shut them down for five hours and has temporarily left them without a range top.

    Last night they threw an impromptu “after the fire” karaoke party and a technician is scheduled to inspect the equipment today.

    For a place that is really taking off and showing that location some action, hopefully this is just a hiccup. My friend Matthew runs the restaurant side of the business and was glad to see the show of support at karaoke.

    Hopefully this weekend’s brunch menu isn’t at risk — as it is cooked almost entirely on the affected range.

    Show them a little love and swing by for happy hour on the way home from work today and get an update on their progress…

  • Administrator September 27, 2006 (9:29 pm)

    Do update us if you know more! We couldn’t personally swing by for happy hour, got stuck at work way late again. Have been meaning to get over there for brunch sometime soon, tho.

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