Tax attack

Just read that the man who helped morph our state’s elections into California-style initiativefests is getting involved in the road tax vote this fall — even though he doesn’t live in Seattle. I personally am no fan of his. But I haven’t made up my mind about this tax yet and whether it seems like it will really help. If you haven’t looked too closely at it yet either, here’s a page that might help us both — although since it’s a city page, there’s no independent analysis.

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  • Jzo August 22, 2006 (9:43 pm)

    The problem is that Seattle has legitimate questions about the tax beyond Permanent Offense’s TAX BAD! stance. The real question is tied up in the roads v. transit dilemma. Eyeman has struggled lately and will claim victory even though if this tax fails it will NOT be because Seattle is anti-tax…it will fail because it’s about roads and cars.

    That guy should stay on the Eastside. I like your stuff WSB. Thanks for writing.

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