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    Heather Cook, a WS girl, her awesome fiancee Jeremiah are climbing the charts for Ben Bridge’s Dream Wedding. (they started at 80 out of almost 4,000) If you want to do something nice for a great gal, take 9 seconds (seriously) and click/vote. Vote and share! #4 and climbing!

    It will have taken you longer to read this than it would have to vote :) (also, no signing up, no entering your email/social security number etc)



    Thanks for posting this Eliza!!! We’re hoping the blog will write up a little something for us, too, but in the meantime we LOVE that you shared our story here! We would love your votes, West Seattle! THANK YOU!!!



    I’d love to know more of the story. All the Ben Bridge site shows is that You are adorable contestants who’d love a sponsored wedding. There must be more to this. C’mon Tracy!


    I gave Tracy more info, and she’ll post about it when she gets a minute! :). Here’s some additional info for you though:

    I grew up in West Seattle and was involved in EVERYTHING (Hi-Yu, Kiwanis, soccer/softball/basketball, Team Tracy 3-day walk, worked at Greentree Animal Hospital and Hotwire Coffee, wrote articles for the WS Herald, went to Seattle Lutheran HS, volunteered EVERYWHERE, and now work with many families in the area as an Autism Therapist).

    My mom (Lorrie Cook) has been extremely active in the community (Hi-Yu, Fauntleroy Fall Fest, etc.) and is now the director of Little Pilgrims Preschool.

    My grandma (Peggy Cook) is a friend to all in the WS Junction! She gives hugs and advice like they’re going outta business! ;)

    Jeremiah and I spent our original wedding savings on our rescue pup’s chemotherapy, so we could really REALLY use our community’s support to win this contest!!!

    You can vote daily from every Internet enabled device you have, and the contest ends SOON on April 15th!!! Every vote counts!!!



    2 Much Whine

    Voted! My wife and I won a similar wedding-related contest (but not nearly as spectacular) 22 years ago. I got to propose on Evening Magazine. We did it (the proposal) in Lincoln Park at one of the shelters on the water. Our proposal aired on Valentine’s Day. Now we have kids in High School and are still happily married. Hopefully they’ll win and this contest will become part of their own cherished wedding memories.



    Go Heather and Jeremiah! No one deserves this special wedding honor more than you guys do. I am voting daily as much as my little fingers will let me! Come on West Seattle, lets help them push to the finish!

    And thanks for sharing your own great story 2 Much Whine! I love hearing about things like this :)





    2 MUCH WINE – awesome, I love hearing stories like that!!! And congratulations for a nice long marraige!!!

    We appreciate your vote, only 5 days to go!!! :)


    ANDREA – thanks for your kind comment! I love how supportive our West Seattle Community is!!!! :)


    MIWS – thanks for your comment! 5 more days to “bump” us into 1st place!


    2 Much Whine

    Another little bump. Vote!





    Thanks again, 2 MUCH WHINE! We appreciate the West Seattle support!!!


    JAN S – thanks for voting!!! And I love that daffodil picture! Thanks for rallying for a local couple, we appreciate it!!!



    Hi, I went to the link that was given and just tried to vote. Do I have to have a Facebook account to vote, because I don’t. Please let me know if I can vote another way besides Facebook. Best of luck!



    voted yesterday and today



    you can vote every day?

    i shared to facebook along with the story of where your wedding account was spent. hope it helps.



    Yep- you can vote everyday and from all your devices :)

    They have been jumping back and forth between 1st and 2nd – let’s keep these guys in that number 1 slot!!



    Hi Phoenix! Thanks for trying! This link worked for my mom, another non-Facebook user http://promoshq.wildfireapp.com/website/6/contests/330642/voteable_entries/69010306

    If that doesn’t work you can vote from the Ben Bridge site: http://www.benbridge.com/100kwedding then click VOTE and search HEATHER COOK.

    Thanks so much! We are in 2nd place with only 4 days to go, you can vote everyday until April 15th!


    Celeste17 – thanks so much for your votes!!! Keep it up for 4 more days! :)


    JoB – thank you so very much for voting and sharing our link!!! If anyone is wondering, you can let them know that Luna is in remission and doing really well! :). Thanks again!!!


    Elizagrace – thanks for keeping everyone up to speed, we appreciate it!!! :)


    Elizagrace – thanks for keeping everyone up to speed, we appreciate it!!! :)





    Yay, MIWS – Thanks for the vote! Our West Seattle community is so awesome! 3 days of voting left!!!

Viewing 25 posts - 1 through 25 (of 42 total)
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