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    1. Anyone within a 20-mile radius who will re-string blinds. Our front window blinds are 15 years old and still in great shape except the strings break on occasion. We used to take them back to the Southcenter chain where we bought them but they started growling at us. So we need to find somewhere new to get them fixed.

    2. We’ve had a couple dentist threads before, on the home page pre-forums, and here. This request is very specific and will probably make you laugh evilly. Looking for a dentist who will be not only gentle and talented but also will not be judgmental when you show up with a problem that finally happened even though you know you are to blame for letting your teeth go to semi-hell while dealing with other seemingly more urgent (yet ultimately less painful) matters. Can’t go back to the last dentist because we got lectured. Yeah, we know we screwed up. Can you just kindly fix it? OK, stop laughing, someone give us a recommendation. Please. And thank you.



    Guilt-Free Dentist: Dr. Brent Shupack, Alki Dental Clinic — I have no idea how he compares in other areas (cost, pain, etc.) (I don’t have cavities or root canals or the usual) — but the first time I saw him it had literally been years since I’d been to a dentist–he smiled, said, “It’s not that unusual.”

    They also schedule appointments online and send email reminders — again, don’t know how unusual that is, but I found it refreshing.


    If you go, tell him I sent you, I still love him, and in a few years when I go to the dentist again, he’ll be at the top of my list :-)



    hey, WSB…I have dental phobia…I totally understand…:)



    WSB, our solution to the blinds problem is to order a repair kit from They’re in Colorado Springs, but give very good and prompt service. The instructions come with the kit and are easy to follow. It does take longer than having someone else do it, but it saves a ton of money! I found after finding out what it would cost to have ours restrung.

    For dentists, you might consider Dr. Colin Craig, although he’s in Burien. I appreciate the gentle and explanatory–albeit firm–reminders from him and his assistants, rather than lectures.



    WSB, I’ve said this before and I can’t say it enough times, Dr. Naden’s office up on Admiral is the best dentist I have been to, and I’ve been to quite a few over the years. the staff is always great. if there is an insurance problem they always double check before going to me about it. And Dr. Naden is great, I had a tooth situation which had never been explained to me, my first appointment he told me what could have caused it (something from when my teeth came in), I asked my mom if this thing had happened, she said, you know as a matter of fact…

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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