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    I see whats wrong with it. Its missing the apostrophe. It should be “PEACE’S”!



    KBear, You are so wrong. The problem is that the wings are grilled, but frying makes them so much better!



    Yeah, the Colonel seems to have forgotten what the F stands for. You don’t go to KFC for health food.



    Let’s eat Grandma!



    Datamuse, my HP homie – I think you have busted me for my usage transgressions. Mea culpa.

    I believe I might have used “here here” in a post a couple of weeks ago. I rarely edit (duh) or do a lousy job of it when I attempt to negotiate my phone keyboard.

    I have a few more excuses where that one came from :]

    Rest assured, I will not soon use the phrase again. It was

    just too tricky of a reach for me, I guess! :]



    It’s one thing in a professional letter or document, but in a forum or casual conversation it’s a bit much to become annoyed. So many people are posting everywhere with their phones on autospell. Most of the time not even being aware of the mistake. Try swearing on your phone sometime. Can’t seem to train the damn thing for the life of me :)



    Reminds me of an e-mail we received a while ago, titled “But Will They Bloom???” Here’s the e-mail (I won’t post the pic but read on):

    But will they bloom???

    I wonder whether they would look better on the kitchen table or in the entry.

    I wonder if they come in different colors.

    I wonder about the fragrance?

    I wonder if they’re cheaper by the dozen.

    I wonder if it would help to put those preservative packets in the water.

    I wonder if they come in long-stemmed.

    I wonder if they will bloom soon.

    Captured at 115th and

    Allisonville Rd.

    in Fishers, Indiana.

    The sign is real and was up for two hours before someone

    stopped and told them how to spell PEONIES

    The picture shows a Nursery sign advertising fresh cut “peonies” for $7.99 a bunch however the o and last e in peonies were missing!



    A low point in my life was when my boss had to teach me how to spell definitely. I was 25.

    By the way, I just googled “sign failures” to leave a link treat for you bloggers, and this thread was the first hit. We’re on the map baby!



    If you can spell that word, you’re *definitely* in the minority here. Geez, people, how does “definately” make it past spellcheck?



    Jwws, your story reminded me of a sign from my younger days in rural Wisconsin. I don’t have a photo, but it was at a company that built metal pole buildings. The sign read, “HELP WANTED – STEEL ERECTION”. I’m sure they had to turn many eager yet unqualified applicants away…



    Craig’s List is a source of constant entertainment in the area of mangled language. One of my favorites is “rod iron” for wrought iron, although I recently saw an ad for “rot iron”. “Fur tree” conjures up some interesting images, and my recent search for an armoire has uncovered at least 5 different spellings for that exotic beast. What I really find shocking is the growing number of glaring grammatical errors contained in expensive advertising, as well as commercial signage.



    KBear…when Nucor was Bethlehem Steel years ago they had a building near them, part of the business, that had a big sign “Erection Department”…always got a kick out of it – lol..



    anonyme, my personal pet peeve is “pled guilty”. Even on NPR!



    “Pled guilty” is how I learned to say it 50 years ago [ at school right here in Seattle]. It grates MY last nerve to hear “pleaded” when “pled” sounds correct to me.So we are opposite.:) Seems only in the last few years people on the news have started to use pleaded.Drives me nuts though I know it is also a correct usage. I much prefer pled.

    The one I hate [this week :)] is the use of “weary” instead of “leary”. So many things seem to be making people tired when they ought to be feeling apprehensive instead.






    It definately makes me sick to see these types of grammer error’s on letters home from my kids teacher’s!!!!!!!

    BTW, a Seattle author had a nice book on this topic a few years ago: Things That Make Us [sic] by Martha Brockenbrough



    Oddreality, “pleaded” is not “a correct usage”, it is THE correct usage. Did you even read the article you referenced? Sorry to hear you prefer “pled”. Do you also prefer “ain’t”? What else did they teach you in Seattle schools 50 years ago? I hope you’ll forgive my snarkiness, but I did warn you it was a pet peeve! :-)



    oddreality: I was looking up that word this week to remind myself of the correct usage, though it’s spelled ‘leery”, right ?

    KBear, (#35)- the central library steel was done by “The Erection Company”- a friend and I had a hard time believing that was the real name. so we called the number on the sign. sure enough, the person answered the phone: “hello, the erection company”



    Oddreality, I’ve always assumed people are going for “wary” when they use “weary” and seem to mean being alert, aware, and/or cautious.

    Has anyone ever known someone who can’t keep erratic/erotic/ironic straight? Oy, that’s a fun one! ;-) “He was driving erotically…”



    That sort of driving can be really dangerous.



    I recently got a recruiting packet from SCCC. On the first page, in the letter from the president, the word “success” is missing that last s. O_o

    Here’s the proof:



    recently written question on a Linkedin group “What is your option of the Health Freedoms Coalitions agenda in regards to our profession and do you see this group pushing their agenda onto other associations in the profession.” First, I think he was asking for an opinion, not an option. And…it was a question, not a statement…where’s the question mark? This, written by a “professional”, just makes me shake my head and not take him seriously….sigh.



    Also, it should be “in regard to” or “with regard to”, not “in regards to”.



    i proofread

    i post

    i edit

    i still make errors:(

    i care.

    the culture of ignorance is what frightens me

    it extends far beyond language



    LOL Job, so true! Reading all the improper usage so prevalent everywhere on the internet has made my brain think twice about everything and I still get many things wrong!So funny.

    Yes, I did read the link I posted. :) I thought it funny that so many out there on the internet are arguing the same thing. I picked the first link to copy..there are so many out there!! There are blogs and threads and all sorts of arguments going on concerning the use of pled vs pleaded.Apparently I am easily own errors amuse me the most.[yes, I do know that leery is “leery” and not “leary”.]Cracked me up to see the horror of my own personal error this morning in this thread.

    Here is another link [there are many like this one out there] that speaks to the “pled” vs “pleaded” issue.

    It was proper in the 50’s to use “pled”.Language use changes over time. Not always for the better in my view.

    Had I ever said “ain’t” growing up my mother would have washed my mouth out with soap..she still would .So no, I do not use “ain’t” .I am not totally uneducated.LOL

    As to the pled thing.Apparently pled is considered old English and pleaded did not come into vogue until a few years ago.I think this topic could be argued to death and there is no point to it …for me. *I* do believe both are accepted in many circles and dictionaries, you think not. It is fine to disagree. Obviously there is much disagreement about this particular issue.Which again…makes me LOL.

    Please do forgive any glaring errors in this post. I’ve quit checking…LOL

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