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    Walked up to Bohemian for dinner last night. Closed.

    Didn’t feel like having sausage (Prost) or pizza (Spiros) so decided to see if Circa was still closed for remodeling. Walked on down. Yep, closed. (sign said closed till 3/23 so should reopen today or tomorrow)

    Kept walking north and decided to try out Mission. Wow! I had an amazing steak salad with mixed greens, black beans, caramelized red onions, corn and tomato salsa, and a vinaigrette dressing. It was delicious.

    Some people are addicted to Circa’s steak salad, I found it too sweet. I love Jak’s steaks, but their steak salad falls flat. Mission’s steak salad is the one for me!



    Their sister/brother restaurant Blackbird Bistro (formerly next door) was great too – sad to see it go. They had the most amazing Mac-n-Cheese there…*sigh*



    I love Mission. Extremely nice and attentive bartender. Great food. Some of the best Nachos I’ve had. The atmosphere and crowd are much more relaxed than Matador. People are there to enjoy themselves rather than be *seen*, IMO.



    Oh how I miss Blackbird! Happy hour within walking distance



    I have had the steak salad at the Mission and it is great!



    I love Mission. Whenever I am in Seattle, it is always my #1 choice for sharing drinks and food with friends. I love that despite everyone seeming to know about it, it is still kind of a secret spot. It gets busy, but isn’t exhausting and awful like Matador or Talaricos can be.

    Haven’t had the steak salad. But I wear their t-shirt often out here in NYC!!



    If you are on Facebook, you can be their friend. It is sort of fun to see what events and such they have going on. We heart Mission-great service, great food, and great owners that want to support their community!



    I’ll be another yes vote for the steak salad…yummmmmm…

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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