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    I really do love the B.B. but I’m disappointed to say I just had a less than stellar meal there. It won’t stop me from going back but I guess no place is perfect. I got the $20 chef’s special which started with 2 small salads, a Honey crisp apple one which was nice and the other was a warm parsnips one. I like parsnips but this salad but flat with no outstanding flavors. Next I had a seared scallops dish which was nice but needed salt. Next was the Lamb crepe, which was also nice but I didn’t care for the chutney that came with it. Last was the Pecan pie with creme fresh ice cream. Ice cream was good but the pie was not worth the calories. Next time I will order from the menus and hope it’s as stellar as I’m used to from them.

    Sorry B.B.



    Oh my! DH and I are horrible snobs when it comes to food taste, presentation, etc, so it’s hard to find a place without things we feel we have to overlook. We found nothing but yum at BB. We ate there last week and we’ll definitely be back, again and again.

    We had the $25 taste and it was so great we immediatley made Valentine’s Day reservations. It’s interesting how we all differ on what we like and dislike. DH and I each had the the 2 salads and swooned; I even used a finger (the horror) to get the last morsel. Also had the seared scallop dish and found it fabulous. We had a chocolate cakey thing with carmel and salt. OMG I swear I died and went to heaven. I sure hope BB sticks around. Just scrumptious.

    Now, we were there on Wed so no huge crowds, staff was attentive, water always filled, plates cleared, etc. I wonder if the taste menu is “easier” to get out by courses in the right order at the right time than other items?



    we tried Blackboard Bistro for the first time (date night, we had had a babysitter- or rather, our child had a play date). I couldn’t convince my husband to go with the $25 ‘taste menu’ option (being a little picky about seafood), but both dishes we ordered were very good. loved the bread and brown butter. for dessert we tried the molten chocolate cake with peanut butter inside… soooo. good. I want to go back again for that.

    we had an early dinner, and felt a little awkward when we were seated next to (practically) the only table there- the place was so quiet. can’t wait to go back- glad they are here in West Seattle.



    I have eaten here for lunch three different times. Each time has been excellent. For lunch today I had the “Vegan Sampler.” (“Vegan” as in I have given up all meats, poultry, fish, eggs, dairy, etc. for Lent) Absolutely outstanding food preperation! Each time I have dined here the Chef/Owner came out and asked me how I liked it. This guy CAN cook creatively and IS interested in customer feedback. IF you are SERIOUS about high-quality food prepared at a high level of care I encourage you to dine here.



    We have eaten at Blackboard Bistro twice with mixed results. The first time, they were fairly new. One of our dishes was great and the second, Boar meat cannilone (sp?) was way overdone. The waiter handled my return perfectly, including telling me they had all looked at it to see where theywent wrong. Iwas the first person to order this. The flavors were there, but just overcooded.

    We went back last month and my dish , can’t remember what it was, was way too salty. My brother’s was o.k., but nothing to write home about.

    We probably won’t try again.



    I just wanted to bump this up and put out a rave for this place. We had not been in a while and had dinner there tonight. We did the $30 three-course menu that they offer and everything was absolutely delicious. One of the finest meals we’ve had in a long time. The service was great and it was a very pleasant experience all the way around. Unlike some previous restaurants who inhabited this location, we did not leave hungry (and after spending quite a bit more). Quite the opposite, as the portions are almost ridiculously generous. Go check them out if you haven’t done so yet and support this terrific local restaurant.



    Any updates on the fate of this place? I thought I read here that it was for sale, and so every time I drive by I’m worried it won’t be open/there anymore. Great to hear they’re still operating, but it would be helpful to know for how much longer . . .



    It’s still going. We ate there Saturday night, for the first time, and it was good. The duck liver mousse with house-made potato chips was a miss, but the Scallops and the Rabbit gnocchi were both hits. Kid’s gnocchi was good, too. Service was very nice and we had a good time. Wine list is not long but decent breadth and has interesting items. Cocktails were good though they need to not use that silly metal mug for a nice cocktail, imho. We will go back for sure and hope it can keep going.



    pgerding…you had a Moscow Mule> The copper mug is a traditional way of serving a Moscow Mule…

    from Wikitender…Berkshire Evening Eagle, 25th July 1949

    “A Moscow mule is served in a copper mug, or vase, and is made of vodka and ginger- beer. I met it first in Hollywood”


    2 Much Whine

    Say it ain’t so! I love this place. Seems like every time I think about going it is Monday night and they are closed. I hope the rumors are unfounded.



    It wasn’t rumors. As we reported a couple months ago, it’s for sale.

    West Seattle restaurants: Blackboard Bistro for sale

    Have not checked back – they indicated they would keep running the restaurant while looking for a buyer – and sometimes that takes a LONG time. So keep going there :)



    You are right, Jan, and I’m okay with tradition however that same style mug was used for a kid’s lemonade, so it dressed the drink down too much. The place is trying to be modern and moderately elegant in most things … why make the cocktail cheesy? Put it in a nice glass to show the colors and garnish with cleaner flavors and it’s a better cocktail. Unless you are Don Draper.



    lol..lemonade in a glass , please…with a straw :)

    I kinda liked it in the copper mug..the Moscow Mule, I mean…one of my fave drinks..:)

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