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    We’ve got the old style downspout-into-the-sewer pipes on the outside of our house. Before we could get them blocked off, one clogged and now the water from the kitchen sink comes up on the outside of the house, up that downspout drain (obviously the clog is past where the sink drain hits the pipe). Anybody know of a good drain service willing to go in from the outside pipe? Our basement is a bit of a toss and although we need to do that, we need the drain cleaned out sooner than we will have time for basement cleaning to allow for plumber access. Thanks!



    We’ve always had good service with O’Neil plumbing, including when they unclogged a drain line for us. You’re not going to get anyone to come out and unclog a line for under about $150 though.

    You can also rent modest to pretty substantial drain snakes from Home Depot, if you’re feeling ambitious and have a way to carry something with “sewer gunk” on it around.



    I second the recommendation of O’Neill Plumbing. They have done both water main and sewer replacement for us, and I could not recommend more highly. They had great communication, and did not immediately jump to the most costly option – rather, they estimated a phased approach and only charged more depending on what they found.

    I would recommend having a qualified plumber look at this versus going the Home Depot route. Your situation sounds a lot like mine (and others I know) who have had an old pipe partially collapse. I certainly hope it’s a clog, but if it’s to the point where it’s backing up to a point of origin, just be prepared for something more major. They may recommend a camera inspection, which will tell you what’s really going on. More $$, but the peace of mind is worth it. Good luck!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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