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    Anyone have any veterinarian recommendations?



    My boys go to West Seattle Animal Hospital, there are about eight vets there and we have probably seen them all. Extremely kind, very knowledgeable staff and front desk crew.



    I started going to West Seattle Animal Hospital last year with my cat, and saw Dr. Craig Meredith. I liked him very much and would definitely return. You can even print out a coupon for a free exam on your first visit:



    Not in West Seattle but close. I love Roxanne Jackson at Highline Veterinary Hospital 206-243-2900. All of our dogs have gone there. She is a very compassionate vet.



    I love Dr. Meredith at West Seattle Animal Hospital, although there are sometimes issues with support staff. When my dog got cancer last year, Dr. Meredith did surgery. Dr. Lena McCullough, who practices Chinese medicine (acupuncture & herbs) for pets, took over from there. She is beyond awesome. Really, I can’t even find enough superlative adjectives to describe her. A year later, my dog is healthier than ever.


    4th of Eight

    Lein Animal Clinic on Alaska St. West Seattle Vet on Alaska St. in Jefferson Square.. open Sat.- Lien, open Sat & Sun. – WSeaVet. The one to really keep in mind for all time/emergencies is South Seattle Vet. in Top Hat area(south of WC, north of Burien on 1st So. & 112th(?) next door to The BarrellmTavern. They are low cost, they are 24 HOURS!!!

    And… Emergency fees don’t kick in until midnight($50 last I heard). Every other emergency wants $200 when you walk in the door, and that’s when you have a pet that’s in pain or dying. SoSeaVet will do first checkup/new patient for free(the basic) and, Dr. G. just finally opened his brand new clinic! It is STUNNING, literally a palace in Vet Clinic world. Separate areas for dog and cat and kenneling. It is very high tech and gorgeous new building. Dr. had to wait so long for all the hoops of King Co. permits and such. It was supposed to open last year. I highly recommend ALL that read this to drop by for a look see/familiarize yourself with it so that one night, if you are in a panic with your beloved little ones, you’ll know where to drive ahead of time. All the other more expensive after hours emergencies are out of WSea. area anyway, so even if you are Admiral, SODO, Georgetown or even downtown, this is the place to go.


    4th of Eight

    South Seattle Vet (206)242-8338



    Dr. Bernstein at Aurora Veterinary Hospital. 206-525-6666. Bar none the most capable and compassionate vet i’ve ever had the pleasure of taking my various ailing pets to for help.



    I can’t say enough great things about Dr. Duyungan at Lien Animal Clinic, 206-932-1133. Best of luck on your search.


    Tony S

    Lien Animal Clinic

    I wouldn’t take our muttley anywhere else. Dr. Barile is fantastic.



    I second Lien Animal Clinic in general and Dr. Barile.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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