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    Hi! We were hoping to find a fun vintage getaway car for our wedding in West Seattle. Does anyone know anybody who would like to make $150 to drive two newlyweds to downtown Seattle on Friday 8/31? It would probably be an hour, arrive by 10:30 pm, and be done by 11:30 pm.

    My dream car would be a 1970s convertible caddy, pontiac grand ville or caprice but we’re open to all sorts of options, but we are too low key for limos or the other fancy shmancy rental options. Fingers crossed!

    Thanks, Scotty & Di



    Di and Scotty:

    How about a 1963 split-screen VW Bus, complete with safari windows to compliment the August air.

    We could do up the Westy interior quite nicely and, what an arrival it would be!

    Lemme no.



    I’d and Scotty,

    You may try contacting West Seattle Autoworks or Swedish Automotive, sponsors of the West Seattle Car show on August 25th at South Seattle College. They may know of someone willing to help you. Congratulations, and good luck finding your perfect dream car!



    I had the same idea as alkiwendy as far as contacting the above two companies.

    Also, you might try the Classy Chassis Car Club of Burien and see if any of their members could help:


    But, I *do* have to say that I really like Ssyphus’ offer of the VW bus. I have a deep love for the old air-cooled VWs, my only car ever, being a 1967 Beetle which I had from the mid-’80’s to the mid-’90’s.

    Whatever you decide, congrats to you both!


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