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    Just came back from lunch in the junction and EVERY car on the east side of the street was plastered with Liberty Tax flyers. This, accompanied with their crazy waving people in the styrofoam costumes accounts to nothing better than telemarketing! I for one will be using Jackson Hewitt or HR Block- anyone other than littering, annoying Liberty!!



    We got one of their doorknob ads as well, and then something that came in the mail. My husband mentioned that he saw the waving people too. We’re looking for an accountant this year and he said that this really turned him off – the hardsell.



    I find that type of in-your-face advertising very irritating and won’t do business with anyone using those tactics.

    But it must work because Liberty uses it at all of their locations. The Uncle Sam guy from Liberty Tax in Burien is a pain.



    Well regardless of the marketing crudeness, it is still the place to go for predatory refund anticipation loans… and high fees for simple tax filings.

    You can never go wrong underestimating the scary math skills of the average american.

    This will no doubt be a banner year for the franchise.

    If WSB is planning to sell them an ad for the coming tax season, feel free to “edit” this comment. H&R Block seems to be investigated in most of the same states that investigate Liberty.



    Just got hit again by Liberty Tax. From this point on I will be personally returning every ad left on my car to their office in Jefferson Sq. Funny thing, when I went to return the offending ads, there is a help wanted ad in the window for marketers, so it looks like this kind of in your face, telemarketing style advertising is here to stay. :(



    Liberty Tax was just listed in the top 10 fastest growing franchises….be prepared….one on every corner – lol…



    One in every Starbucks!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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