Is it legal to block evening rush hour traffic waiting to park at Trader Joes?

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    I’ve noticed that the parking lot at Trader Joe’s fills up and folks will line up their cars waiting for new spots. The line of cars will back up onto Fauntleroy, blocking evening rush hour commuters in the south-bound right lane on Fauntleroy. If you are mobility impaired, I understand. If you are not mobility impaired, why don’t you drive a block and park somewhere else? Or go somewhere else to buy a salad? Why would you block one of two lanes on one of the busiest roads in West Seattle at rush hour just to have a parking space at Trader Joe’s? I get it, TJ’s is great. But, you are slowing down literally hundreds of tired commuters that are just trying to get home.



    I’m not sure–I can’t find anything but I might not be searching the correct phrasing.

    As a side, it is illegal to block the sidewalk, so a driver cannot turn into the parking lot until they can pull all the way into the parking lot so they aren’t blocking any portion of the sidewalk.

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    T Rex

    How about this? Park up on the 2nd level and take the elevator down. Perhaps some of the customers don’t know that there is parking up there.

    I would NEVER block traffic just so I could get a parking spot.



    Legal – probably.

    Neighborly, considerate, proper, mindful, cooperative – probably not.



    It is legal but unfortunate. The cars are waiting to make a legal maneuver, just like cars line up to make legal maneuvers all over the city– for example, blocking Edgar Martinez to turn into the private Safeco T-Mobile parking garage for Mariners games. It’s just super annoying to us because a) we’re so close to home and b) we know that there is no space in that parking lot and people are just being annoying.



    In the 1st place what so special about Trader Joe?



    I’ve never found anything Special with Trader Joes…, I’d rather goto Met Market.



    Graciano, fine if you can afford it. . . not everyone can afford the premium one pays at Met Market.



    A lot of people think Trader Joe’s is cheap, however they make huge profits in impulse shopping-over the competition. They intentionally create or move into places with small parking lots and have narrow aisles to create a panicky atmosphere. People see the full lot and think there’s something going on. The same with inside, it’s crowded, people compete for their space in line. it brings out the worst in people. I save money wherever I go because I only buy what I need and what fits in my backpack. whether it’s Safeway, Met Market or PCC.



    Over rated and most of the food are imported. Very expensive!!
    Oh well, good for the economy and provide employment.
    More taxes!!



    GXNX, put your foil hat back on.

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