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    Hello. I’ve seen very interesting posts on here about movie filming locations and supernatural happenings in West Seattle. I was wondering if anyone has any stories to share about infamous events in WS? Crimes, criminals, etc.. Thanks.


    I hear that the Rite Aid near Morgan Junction is haunted. Heard it used to be a mine of some sort


    I have heard about Rite Aid too. I’ve been going there for years but after I heard it was haunted, I asked some of the people that work there if they have experienced anything out of the ordinary. Everyone I talked to said, “Well, it’s definately haunted..” but just stories of hearing banging and things like the water being turned on, etc..

    With WS being around a 100 years old, there just have to be some great stories out there. I wonder what may have happened at the Rite Aid location in the past or at other businesses and homes? Thanks in advance for your input.



    I heard something about Kubota Gardens being “haunted” (at night)…

    I’ve always wondered if there are any juicy stories of Luna Park myself. I mean, carnivals and the circus are notrious for that.

    Here are some great old Luna Park vintage postcards for fun!


    Ah yes, Luna Park must have some stories!!



    There is also Andrew’s Rainbow house…


    Yeah, I read about Andrew’s on the previous posts about ghosts, etc .. I appreciate the entries so far but I guess what I am getting at is similar to the private eye tours of Queen Anne and Capitol Hill where they take you to places where crimes were committed.



    Supposedly Andrew’s father murdered him for being gay.

    I grew up in West Seattle and have little recolection of any serious crimes, part of why I like it now I suppose.

    I read the West Seattle Herald police blotter on an almost weekly basis (the writer is hysterical) but there is not a lot in the way of serious crimes there either.



    i’ve heard that there is a shooting range under the stands at west seattle stadium (by the golf course) and a man (cheating on his wife)was murdered there by her and his ghost still haunts the place.



    There was a terrible murder-suicide in what I think is Rocksport (next to AAA?) while it was under construction.

    Also someone was stomped to death in the Herfy’s parking lot (West Seattle Nursery now?).

    And there was something about teenage girls killed in the woods west of the steel mill, about the time Ted Bundy was active. (My mother became VERY protective after that.)

    It was an exciting day at WSHS in the 70’s when a burned car with a body in it was found outside the rear door, by the auto shop.

    Someone was killed in the Sealth HS stadium before they renovated it.

    Oh yes, a couple was shot at MeKwaMooks Park, below street level, by a random teenager.

    Is that the kind of thing you’re looking for?



    Wasn’t there a murder of a music teacher on Charleston a few years back that they never solved?


    dang jerald!!! debbie downer r we! lol! :)



    The two girls that were murdered in 1973/74, one was in 9th grade at Madison Jr. High. The two murders were connected, and were not Ted murders. I had always wondered what had happened, because I was at Madison at the time. I remember that a paper carrier discovered the bodies. Ann Rule wrote about the murders in one of her books, it involved two men that thought they were one person in separate bodies and astrology.

    Had to wait over 30 years to read what happened in an Ann Rule book. There was a memorial flowering shrub and tree grove planted in front of Madison in memory of the one girl. It was torn out when Madison was remodeled.

    The fellow that stomped the person to death was a former star football player for the Huskies. He had a wiry little friend that would rile someone up into a fight, and at the last minute he would step aside and let Big Boy take over. The pair was well known for this ploy. The gag took a tragic turn, and Big Boy and Pee-wee both spent some time in the big house for it.

    I would leave the Rainbow House alone. The stories told about it are meant to keep people away. There are No Trespassing signs posted there.

    Amazing how the crazy ghost stories pop up, and people don’t remember what happened a decade or two ago, and why people might want to be left in peace.

    I known that Jan will remember this:

    In the Genessee Hill area there was a gas explosion that was so violent it woke residents in their beds. A house went up in flames that could be seen throughout the area. A mother and her daughter lived in the house, along with a baby. Mother and daughter escaped. Daughter saw that her baby was not rescued, ran back into the house and perished along with the baby. I still feel sadness when I walk past where the house was.

    and then there was the axe murderer that started out by writing in blood on the walls of the houses he broke into.



    Whenever I walk past the park next to the Pathfinder School (across from 50th on Genesee) at night, the hair on the back of my neck stands on end. I can’t say what it is about that park – seems fine during the day. It’s just at night I get bad vibes. I don’t think I could bring myself to walk through that park at night – even with my 100lb rottweiler….



    the axe murderer had been more active in the north end of Seattle, but he ultimately was caught when the house that he broke into on 49th SW had a handprint left behind. There was no murder there…I believe he was scared off or something like that.

    The house that had the gas explosion was on 48th SW south of Alaska…I lived on 54th SW at the time, and my house shook.

    Gina..the Herfy’s thing…was that in the one on Calif. Ave? or was that at the Herfy’s that is now Jack in the Box? My ex-hubby told me it was that one…just curious..



    Jerald…I’m not so sure about the Rocksport thing. Before it was Rocksport, that building was a bank…Westside Federal Savings and loan. I banked there when I moved here in 1974, financed my home there in early 1977…never heard of any type of murder there..



    Of course the most famous one I can think of was gary ridgway…the green river killer. Although I dont know how many victims were technically picked up in West seattle.



    It was the Herfy’s that is now West Seattle Nursery. That was the Herfy’s that closed first. I think business really fell off after the stomping.

    The Neilson bulding has a really deep basement, a couple stories below ground. It was not a morgue. Most of the buildings in the Junction have deep basements. How many morgues did West Seattle need in the past? All deep basements do not equal morgues.


    Thanks, this is great info. If anyone has any other stories or can add more to what has already been said, please chime in. Thanks!



    Oh, dont forget about the numerous bank robberies as well. I think one of the banks by me has been robbed at least 2x in the 4 years we’ve been here.



    How do you do the tiny url thing? Ah, well.



    wow, thanks for the info Gina.



    Gina….go to and just follow the instructions :)



    by far the best WS-related crime in my book – Rolf Neslund, the ships captain who rammed the WS Bridge…later murdered by his wife for his retirement money…cut up and burned to nothing in the back yard. If only she hadn’t drunkenly confessed the crime to her niece.

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