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    Maybe I posted last year to this thread. I remember the rainbow house. We were going to look at a house for sale to it about 10-12 years ago. My husband refused to even look at the house next door because it was next door to the ‘rainbow house’!



    Vonnie Stuth (VanDriel in High School) and Denise Nasland went to Sealth and were in the graduating class of 73. Sadly neither one of them made it very long after their high school graduation. Vonnie was in my homeroom at Sealth and Denise lived in the Highland Park Neighborhood. They were both beautiful people who liked to have fun and maybe a little too trusting. Vonnie was killed by a man named Gary Addison Taylor (she was married and living in Burien at the time) and Denise was taken on the same day as another woman Janice Ott at Lake Sammamish by Ted Bundy. Ann Rule wrote about Vonnie in her book “You belong to me”. Vonnie’s story and picture is under “The computer error and the Killer”.

    Here is some information from the PI about the men who killed them and there was another one mentioned in this article too about some young girls getting hung in WS. It is a pretty scary article when you see all of them with pictures. That article looks like it was written in 2003 titled “Suspected or convicted serial killers in Washington”

    The Ann Rule article mentioned that Vonnie’s mother started “Families and Friends of Victims of Violent Crimes and Missing Persons”.

    RIP Vonnie and Denise you both went way too soon..JRH

    Ted Bundy

    Law student, Tacoma

    One of the most infamous serial

    killers of modern time, the former

    Tacoma man and University of

    Washington law student is thought

    to have killed at least 36 young

    women and girls in Washington, Oregon, California,

    Utah, Colorado and Florida.

    Status: Executed in Florida in 1989.

    James Edward Ruzicka

    Stable cleaner, Redmond

    Deemed a “sexual psychopath”

    after attacking two Seattle women,

    he escaped Western State Hospital,

    then raped and strangled two

    teenagers in West Seattle. He hung

    the body of one victim from a tree and hid the other

    in a field. He was arrested in Oregon after raping a

    13-year-old girl.

    Status: In prison in Washington.

    The Phantom Sniper:

    Gary A. Taylor

    Escaped mental patient, Burien

    Abducted, shot and buried a Burien

    housewife. Suspected of killing as

    many as three women in Michigan,

    where he spent 15 years in mental

    hospitals. Texas authorities suspect him of killing at

    least one woman and sexually assaulting four

    others, and at one time questioned him about 16

    sniper shootings on Texas freeways.

    Status: In prison in Washington.



    It was a murder/suicide at what used to be the bank. Is that now the Rocksport? I had worked with the woman who was killed. I believe it was 1981. Her name was Joyce, her husband’s name was Wally. Can’t remember their last name. They had two young girls. They had split up, I think she had filed for divorce. She worked at a restaurant on Alaska Street. He showed up when she was getting in her car and pulled out a gun. She ran from him and ran into the bank which was under construction to get help, he followed her, shot her then shot himself. I believe her family was out of state, girls went to live with her twin siser. His family was from Seattle.



    I also heard that the YenWor used to be a Mortuary, the long hallway that slopes south to the RestRooms used to be connected thru to where the Admiral Pub is now. the Basements of both places connect and is very large (I have seen this myself, and its a very creepy place to be alone or even with someone else at anytime). As far as it actually once being a mortuary, I can not confirm.



    I am trying to find information about a cousin of mine who was murdered in 1973 by James Ruzicka. Her name was Penny Marie Haddenham, and her body was found hanging in a tree off the West Seattle Expwy by a paperboy.

    The paperboy that found her has contacted me recently, and I would like to find the articles The Seattle Times and PI wrote about her. This whole thing has been shrouded in mystery by the whole family. I don’t know her parents names, or if she had siblings. Ann Rule wrote about it in the book, “Fever in the Heart”. I have considered contacting her for details.

    Please help me get a sense of closure on this. I can’t get any info on her from the family. I want to remember Penny like she should be. All I know about her is that she was found hanging in a tree by a paperboy on a cold and damp February afternoon. I do not want to remember her like this, she deserves better. If you knew her or if anyone can point me in the right direction, I would greatly appreciate it. Please help Penny’s memory live on!



    what is this place… derry, maine??




    it’s just an unusually candid small town in America…



    TOO RarelyEver

    FROM R.M.G.







    Hi pdxbear,

    Your Aunt’s name (Penny’s Mom) was Geraldine Haddenham. Unfortunately, she passed away on February 27th, 2012. Her obituary can be found on the west seattle blog dated March 16, 2012. And yes, Penny did have siblings. I hope this helps you find answers.



    George Jugum spent only about 7 years in prison for the stomping death of Eric Bachmann, who was a friend of my brothers. Eric was only 17 and i believe he was an only son.



    Iremember the girl found dead in 74, Her name was Nancy Kinghammer I went to school with her at Boren jr High School in art class our projects would always get mixed up because we had the same initials . I walked home with her from West Seattle High School. My father and I were roofing our House when We found out she had been found murdered and left under a log in the empty lot on the corner just feet from her house. I heard that Ted Bundy worked in the dry cleaners that was next door to the lot at the same time . I have never really got over her being murdered, rest in peace Nancy.



    The first posting here is 4 yrs old! However, I’ve never seen it and did not know the stuff about the Gary Ridgeway having a link to WS. Which explains:

    Several years ago, many months before GR was captured, I was pulling out of the North lot of Lincoln park but something caught my eye: I saw a man leaving his car and putting on latex gloves. I got a creepy vibe from him so I paused and watched through the side view mirror. He opened the trunk of the car and pulled out a heavy green garbage bag. He carried it into the woods. I parked and went looking for him. It took me several minutes but I saw him going back towards the car, no bag in hand, no gloves. I thought I was acting casual but he picked up I was watching and left quickly. I called in some friends to help me look for the bag and never found it.



    Obviously weird thing to do, especially with the gloves. I could see a garbage dumper saving $ or maybe a dead dog of some decent size??

    Did someone on this thread already recommend going through the archived police blotter for the WS Herald? Not sure how far back they go?


    I had forgotten I started this years ago. Thanks for the recent additions/bumps. It is sad that more infamous things have happened since I started this topic.. for example, not limited to: Gregette Guy in 2012 and Steve Bushaw in 2009.



    I’m setting out on a writing project that takes as its starting point the 1972 disappearance of Chris Wells from North Admiral. I’d be fascinated to know if anyone on here has any recollections about the incident or its aftermath. Anything is appreciated!



    Lion lived in house with 2 brothers.
    On 32 ave. the 9700 block.

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