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    How would one go about getting a sign up that says COMPRESSION BRAKING PROHIBITED – The vehicles compression braking down Admiral is almost like a sport now with who can be loudest. Modified exhaust vehicles are trying to show off how loud they can be and that’s bad enough…but the container trucks are all day and night. I know the bridge is opening soon but it’s been two years of this is and now that things are opening up and the sun is out… it’s really getting bad!



    Container trucks shouldn’t ever be on Admiral way unless they got REALLY lost coming or going from Terminal 5. I’ve never seen one there. As far as loud car/truck exhausts those are NOT compression(Jake)brakes those are modified aftermarket mufflers. And yes, most all are annoyingly loud and exceed noise laws. Problem is with staffing and many peoples dislike of law enforcement their ability and desire to enforce noise laws is minimal at best.



    Braking. Compression or Engine Braking.
    If you see signs around the country prohibiting this practice, it’s because there are local ordinances enacted, not just because someone wants a sign.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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