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    Hi! Our Au Pair is new here and is looking for a salon that specializes in African American hair. West Seattle preferred but not a requirement. Thanks much!!



    Good luck with that! The boys in my family have African American hair and have to leave West Seattle to get hair cuts. One gets his cut in Burien, the other in Rainier Beach. Every West Seattle salon they’ve visited who has said they cut black hair have NOT done a very good job. The search has been long and painful – and the drive to salons/barber shops outside the neighborhood has been totally worth it.

    I don’t know if your au pair is female or male, but if female she might have luck at Vain in the Junction. They have a few curl specialists, including one who cuts African American hair. I was referred to her when looking for someone to cut my son’s hair but I never followed through with the appointment because she didn’t have lower rates for children’s cuts.

    Honestly, I would do some walk-in salon visits down on Rainier. Unless you get specific stylist/salon names, this might be a lengthy search. Unfortunately the shops my husband and son go to do not cut African American women’s hair so pointing you to them might be fruitless.



    Not exclusively African-American, but Gary & Manuel on 1st in Belltown is doing a big push on textured (black) hair.



    What about the barber shop in the White Center triangle that’s a couple of doors north of the rental place and next door to what was Cafe Rozella? I can’t remember the name.



    The barber shop you’re talking about, Patrick, I’m not sure if they cut women’s hair. Could be worth checking into. I have to say our family didn’t have a good experience there (years ago), but stylists are always on the move and we haven’t been back to see if someone else does a better job on fades. They’ve been open a long time so they’re keeping enough people happy! The shop we go to now, if anyone wants a recommendation for an African American barber shop, is Nine Thousand Renton, which is not surprisingly located at 9000 Renton Ave S., about two blocks west of Rainier Beach Community Center. There are lots of great shops in Rainier Valley, too, but we really love this place for its consistent cuts and our barber’s kind heart. I always believe in giving my money to the kindest of people (when I have control over that).

    Good luck! And if your au pair finds a good salon, I hope you’ll share that info here for others to benefit from.



    If she wears her hair curly, I highly recommend Jeanne at VAIN.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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