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    There is a small group of what appear to be middle-schoolers that have been banging loudly and repeatedly on front doors, and running away. They are running through yards, trampling flower beds, breaking bushes etc. They are often on bikes, but sometimes on foot. This has happened in the late afternoon, early evening, and AS EARLY AS 4 in the morning. The Seattle Police would like to have a word with these kids and THEIR parents, to be sure this doesn’t escalate any further. We don’t want kids who are simply bored to end up in significant trouble. If you know these kids, please contact SPD Jennifer Danner, jennifer.danner@seattle.gov, and reference incident numbers 2021-119955 and 2021-121446.

    If you experience this harassment in the North Admiral neighborhood:
    • Immediately call 911 with descriptions, and let police know this has been an ongoing issue. Request to speak to the responding officer.
    • Obtain the incident number from the responding officer, and ask them to notify SPD Jennifer Danner and Officer Tammy Frame. Please save the incident number and any related videos from your security camera.
    Below are descriptions of the kids involved in repeated instances:

    Male 1
    Caucasian, approx. 5-7
    Short Light Brown Hair, light skin
    Light Grey/Silver Bike
    Yellow T Shirt with “RIP” in dark letters
    Dark sport pants with 3 gold stripes down right leg
    Dark sport shoes
    Pale Pink Baseball hat
    Black backpack

    Male 2
    Caucasian, approx. 5-8
    Sometimes wears bright green bike helmet
    All black bike
    Light Brown Hair, Light Skin
    Black t shirt with blue script “Purple…” 2nd word not readable, might be Rain
    Royal Blue Shorts
    Grey sport shoes with white bottoms
    Black Backpack

    Male 3
    Caucasian, approx 5-11
    Black T Shirt with Red Logo/Writing (not distinguishable)
    Black sport pants
    White sports shoes
    Light bluish green bike
    Royal blue BMX style bike helmet with bright yellow around the bottom
    Black Backpack

    Male 4
    Caucasian, approx. 5-4
    White bike helmet
    Lime Green Shirt
    Grey shorts with Lime Green Stripes
    Light sport shoes
    Red Bike

    Male 5 (Might be same kid as Male 1 or Male 2)
    Caucasion approx 5-8
    Grey cap with small white logo on front
    White sweatshirt with white on front
    Khaki pants
    Dark shoes with white stripe

    Female 1
    Caucasian, approx. 5-5
    Long dark hair, light skin, tall
    White sweatshirt, with characters on bottom
    White sport shoes
    Black backpack with white/light trim around zippers
    Usually accompanied by a second Caucasian female



    You want me to call 911 if I hear a knock at my door but when I get to my door there’s nobody there?

    Or do you only want me to call 911 if there’s a knock at my door but when I get to my door I see a kid running away?

    I… I just don’t think I’ll do that. Sorry if your flowers got trampled. I could Venmo you a couple bucks, if that’d help?



    Very nicely written forum about these kids and I know how much was held back to give these kids a chance because of their age. A lot of what has been done by posting these accounts has been at the suggestion of the police.

    But it has become untenable. There have been repeated banging on doors and ringing bells for at least two of my neighbors that span any hour of day or night. Eggs have been thrown at one of their homes just within the past few days. Besides the frequent getting into peoples yards and gardens and trampling plants and breaking garden art.

    They know what they are doing but are not afraid of any repercussions. I have spoken to one of these boys who felt emboldened enough to ride his bike by the houses again after he and his friends rode off to hide. When I asked him “What in the world do you think you are doing?” He told me tell me they didn’t have to stop and they like doing it. And he said there was nothing we could do about it. This is a middle-schooler for goodness sakes.

    My neighbors do not want to be at these kids mercy anymore and truly want them to become responsible and respectful human beings before this escalates more.

    This isn’t just something Venmoing “a couple of bucks” will fix. That response was not helpful and to me sounded patronizing to my neighbors plight.

    Hopefully, these kids will be identified and their parents or guardians informed and will be able to help them. This is not a good situation for anyone to be in.



    Thanks Seattle Song for adding the additional details.

    I should have noted in the post that this has been ongoing, continuous harassment that is escalating. It is well beyond normal kid prank behavior (which we would just ignore of course).




    😂 I love it!



    Thanks for posting Burroughs258. Can you advise when this happened and the location?



    work time


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