READER REPORTS: Indecent-exposure, sexual-harassment incidents

We received both of these reports today from readers who wanted to alert the community:

INDECENT EXPOSURE: The teenage victim’s mother sent this:

A couple of weeks ago, while my 15-year-old daughter was walking home from school by Holy Rosary. A car pulled up along side of her and stopped. She looked at the person and realized that he was masturbating while staring at her. She ran as fast as she could to our house. She described this person as older male 40-50 yo., black hair, dark complexion. The car was light blue and was beat up. My neighbor provided me a photo of the car driving.

My daughter confirmed this was the car. Unfortunately, it doesn’t capture much. I have made a police report. So incredibly horrible for her to be assaulted and so angry that this coward is getting away with this.

The police report number is 23-358983.

SEXUAL HARASSMENT: From the victim:

I wanted to share a harassment event that happened to me on 12/28/23 at approx 3:40 p, I was screamed at by a man (appeared to be in mid-late 40s?, dark hair and skin, slim to medium build) in a truck at the intersection of 35th Ave SW and Thistle who said “man, you’d be fun to [sexually explicit term].”. It appears that this is likely a repeat offender – with something similar happening to my friend who lives at the same intersection with a similar vehicle last year. It’s highly concerning that this has happened again and the things being said are increasingly explicit and want other women to be aware of this person and vehicle.

(Photo from 12/28/23 incident)

Color: Black, Model: Maybe Silverado, Year: Older, Type: Truck

In the 2022 event, the victim reported that the man in the truck parked and watched her mow, then showed that he was recording her on his phone, and hollered (in crude language) that he would watch the video and gratify himself. When the recent victim posted on a social-media site earlier today, she said, another person commented, “This same person shouted something similar to me on Roxbury and 29th on Wednesday around 3:30 pm.” The recent victim’s police-report number is 23-373893.

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  • Wsresident December 30, 2023 (8:06 pm)

    I’m so grateful to hear stuff like this being reported and talked about. Back in my teens this kind of harassment was so common and no one blinked an eye, even women seemed to accept this behavior as normal.

    • wsres December 30, 2023 (9:06 pm)

      I was thinking the same thing. As young ladies, we endured a lot and it was just “part of being a woman”. I am so glad that young women now are not expected to endure this type of behavior from men.

  • Gatewood Rsd December 30, 2023 (8:16 pm)

    A couple months ago when I was walking my dogs along 35th near Myrtle a guy in a black truck yelled a very crude sexual comment at me. Now wondering if this was the same guy. 

    • Ash December 30, 2023 (9:10 pm)

      I am so sorry this is terrifying.I definitely recommend checking the sex offender list with the radius set to 5 miles (the max) to see if he’s on that list and if so you can report that with our case number above.

      • Ugh December 31, 2023 (12:46 pm)

        We had a new sex offender move close to Lafayette (do not pester me about what’s legal distance and so on. They know.) and he began pacing the school out front and watch from Safeway’s big windows.

        I got sick of shooing him away – plus he would charge at me (I’m a female but I’m a Marine, so don’t crab on about antagonizing him).After repeated calls and photos sent to the police and the division that handle SOs nothing happened because it’s a civil matter since he served his time, raping a few young young people.So, I began putting up posters from his SO profile (found on the link mentioned in this reply list). Covered the area.and I had another parent from the school tell me it’s considered harassment for ME to do that. Then, he called the cops and I got this massive talking to by them because the posters were a threat to the SOs own public safety.………I give up.Look, I’ve had many a loser whip out his wiener and say sh** to me since I was about 15.

        Walk away or Run and find a public place to hide in like a supermarket or gas station. I’ve had a few follow me to my place and stand outside week after week and no help from the police at at.You do not need to be traumatized by these pitiful actions. You can eventually just ignore it and even not have trauma from it. It took time but something shifted in me one day and I just rolled up my car window. Another time I just put down my shades. Another time I poured Pepsi on his car – that was fulfilling but he lost his mind of course.

        Another time I was on the bus (bus and train combined in Seattle alone? Six times in a year. And I moved my seat, accidentally slipped coffee on their crotch. Took a few photos with their face in it and went to the driver to report them (doesn’t work but worth having the guys run off the bus. When it has happened in from of my then six year old we move away asap. That’s a popular one here – no underwear and shorts legs open with a gap to see their sad pig’s ear. I don’t freak out and let kiddo know that it’s just a body part and that man is trying to use his body part to scare

        Don’t react, just walk away. My son doesn’t even remember those incidents now 13 years later. I refused to draw attention to it and make it a huge scary thing to fear. It’s a fact there’s shi**y people out there who assault kids and there’s some things we can do to not let it rent space in our head for decades when we can compartmentalize the usual less than a minute incident into a single moment of time someone tried to ruin our day.

        but also, bear spray. But you’ll get cuffed for that. Yup, and that guy had brushed it against the back of my head while I was sitting at a bus stop. Maxed him, he cried and flailed, wing-wang still out and neighbors came over and said to the cops I attacked him and he’s just, it’s a no win situation unless we learn to walk off and chalk it up to them being an small little sad creep and get out of there asap.

        • Ash December 31, 2023 (3:33 pm)

          I am really sorry that you went through all this and got no support from the authorities.

          I have a very old school way of looking at community. I think we owe it to each other to say something when we see something.
          The police are investigating this case, we’ve had 5,000+ views on the posts about this, over 100 comments, and received 9 other incident reports about this guy.

          Sharing this information isn’t about scaring the community, it’s about awareness and safety, because now the community is looking for him, he can’t hide in plain sight anymore.

          And while I appreciate that your opinion is that if you “ignore it/don’t react” the problem will resolve itself, I respectfully disagree. Before a sex offender rapes someone there are troubling behaviors that escalate.

          I would rather get the word out and it amount to nothing more than community awareness than keep it to myself and find out this man raped someone and it could have been avoided if I spoke up.

          It pains me to think how many people have been attacked but could have avoided that fate if they knew to look out for that person or car, all because the people that encountered the offender before didn’t see the point in raising the alarm or worse because they got bad advise from someone that told them it was no big deal and to take the harassment in stride.

    • Ash December 30, 2023 (9:49 pm)

      A picture of the truck was added to the post so you can see if it’s the same. I’m also providing a link here to a ring incident where the woman got a video of the back of the truck. more pics there’s a post on Next door ad well.

      • Gatewood Rsd December 30, 2023 (11:36 pm)

        That’s the same truck and very similar words and comments yelled at me. I was on the opposite side of the street when he drove by. 

      • HS December 31, 2023 (12:22 am)

        Thank you for that video. That’s a much clearer view of the truck. Image from the video.

  • Garbage Men Everywhere December 30, 2023 (8:33 pm)

    This man also yelled sexually explicit things to me a few blocks away (off Holden) this summer.

    • Ash December 30, 2023 (9:09 pm)

      I am so sorry this happened to you too.I highly recommend checking the sex offender list with the radius set to 5 miles (the max) to see if he’s on that list and if so you can report that with our case number above.

  • ConcernedWestSea December 30, 2023 (8:39 pm)

    This is all horrible. Is there a picture of this truck? 

    • Ash December 30, 2023 (9:50 pm)

      A picture has been added to the post. 

  • Seattlite December 30, 2023 (8:47 pm)

    I hope SPD finds this sexual predator before he escalates to another level of criminal behavior.

    • Ash December 30, 2023 (9:50 pm)

      100% agree. This guy is likely to escalate in behavior. 

  • Ash December 30, 2023 (9:01 pm)

    I am one of the people this man harassed (from this post). It was a year and a half ago.  There is a ring post and a next door post on this with pictures and video. Dear West Seattle Blog can you please add the picture of the truck we provided so that people can see if this is the same guy that harassed them? And also so everyone knows to be on the lookout. I would love to see these two incidents as separate posts so that tips for each don’t get confused. Thank you for all you do to inform and help the community!

  • WSB December 30, 2023 (9:21 pm)

    Photo from 12/28/23 harassment incident added.

    • Ash December 30, 2023 (9:34 pm)

      Thank you!!!

  • MoreCops2024 December 31, 2023 (12:18 am)

    Is there an updated version of these numbers? City officials said Seattle should be at 1600 police officers. As of 2022 we were around 539. I understand why the pendulum swung so far in the “less police” direction in 2020 but I think we’d all agree that West Seattle needs more police in 2024. Politically, our city overreacted, at the local level, to unfortunate things happening in other states unrelated to our city. SPD became a shell of its former self, headcount-wise, these past 4 yrs. Any chance of safer communities in 2024?

  • HS December 31, 2023 (12:26 am)

    I’m sorry your daughter had to experience that. The same thing happened to me at that age.

  • Feank January 1, 2024 (11:38 am)

    The light blue car is a Nissan Altima and the second truck is a GMC (similar to Chevy (a GM)). As a guy, if this guy is doing this, he’s probably done this a lot and is not going to stop until he’s busted. 

    • Ash January 2, 2024 (12:14 am)

      We’ve been able to confirm that it’s a 2003 Chevy Silverado extended cab stepside. 

  • SpareAsquare January 1, 2024 (6:27 pm)

    On Wed Dec 26 between 5-6 pm I was walking towards Westwood QFC and
    crossing the intersection at 26th and Barton when this disgusting man in
    the black truck yelled the exact same thing to me. He was also heading
    to the shopping center but took a left towards McDonald’s/ Target. He
    didn’t GAF that the shopping center was busy, cars behind and in front
    of him and children around!I carry a small taser now because of pigs like these.

    • Ash January 2, 2024 (12:10 am)

      I am so sorry and I feel you. I live my life differently now. I don’t feel safe in my own neighborhood and every time I see another account like yours I think how so far there’s 16 of us that feel that way because of one man. And I’m sure that number is actually much higher.

      Would you feel comfortable calling SPD to make a report of your experience? SPD wants each incident to be its own report. I just hope if enough of us are reporting he will be caught that much faster.

      • spareAsquare January 5, 2024 (10:19 pm)

        Yes, I will be filing a report. Thank you for what you’re doing here. I was SA as a child, I’m hyper aware of everything around me. I’m extremely upset these individuals are terrorizing females in our community, especially children. When I talked to the QFC clerk she mentioned the guy probably thought I was a teenager because I look much younger for my age, I was bundled up and carrying a small backpack. The thought of this is sickening.

  • Ash January 2, 2024 (7:23 pm)

    Hi everyone, I wanted to provide the most up to date information on the situation with the predator in the black truck. All of the incidents reported so far (across multiple platforms) as well as any pertinent information received from the victims/witnesses about the man and/or his car is here:

  • Triangle Resident January 7, 2024 (3:29 pm)

    My girlfriend and i were harassed today at 2:45 p.m. , between 41st and 42nd on SW Edmunds Street. He slowed down and leaned out of his black Silverado pickup to yell obscenities at us. He sped away as there was another car behind him and he saw me grabbing my phone. License begins with C109. I will be making a police report.

    • Ash January 10, 2024 (9:29 am)

      I’m so sorry that happened to you! Thank you for taking that down and calling it in. We’re working on getting flyers up around West Seattle. We’ve got some up around that area now and will be adding more throughout the week. 

  • Katie January 11, 2024 (1:18 am)

    If his identity is known, thus his address is known/he’s clearly staying in the same general area, and several reports have been made why haven’t the police arrested him yet? 

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