UPDATE: Suspected gunfire at Fire Station 37 apparently wasn’t gunfire after all

10:46 PM: Thanks for the tips. Police are investigating gunfire tonight targeting a West Seattle fire station. It was reported just after 9 pm that somebody shot at Fire Station 37. Investigating officers reported initially finding damage from one shot to the garage window of the station at 35th/Holden. No injuries reported. We’re following up and will add anything more we find out. If you have any information, the SPD incident number is 22-269510.

ADDED 9:20 AM SATURDAY: We followed up with SFD. Spokesperson Kristin Tinsley tells WSB this morning that despite the initial police assessment, “the glass of one of the apparatus bay doors was damaged at Fire Station 37 but it’s undetermined what caused the damage.” We won’t have access to the police report for further followup until Monday.

ADDED 10:43 AM SATURDAY: We did manage to obtain some information from police, who say a “ball bearing” was found at the scene. They’re still not sure exactly what happened but didn’t find gunfire evidence.

7 Replies to "UPDATE: Suspected gunfire at Fire Station 37 apparently wasn't gunfire after all"

  • 22blades October 8, 2022 (5:45 am)

    WHO shoots at a Fire Station?! That’s some serious bat guano there…

  • audifans October 8, 2022 (8:50 am)

    Part of a pattern of dangerous behavior directed towards firefighters.  Looks like a lot of people engaged in bad acts…..

  • Cranky October 8, 2022 (9:26 am)

    Yeah. You would think folks would have better things to do with the life that has been granted them but I guess some just can’t stop being addicted to drama and havoc…even if they are in a wheelchair. Geeze….https://www.firehouse.com/safety-health/news/21278879/seattle-firefighters-attacked-treating-patient

  • WSB October 8, 2022 (10:45 am)

    Please note we’ve updated above with new info from SFD and SPD saying that despite the initial report, there’s no evidence this was gunfire.

    • Frog October 8, 2022 (10:55 am)

      Yes, but … someone using a slingshot to fire ball bearings at the station, hard enough to break windows, is only slightly better.

    • Mike October 8, 2022 (1:09 pm)

      Sounds like .177 air pistol ammo.  Still dangerous and can do seriously harmful damage to people.  $100 for a pistol on Amazon that shoots them.

  • David October 8, 2022 (1:28 pm)

    I’m wondering if the “ball bearing” could have been a BB? They look alot alike.

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