Close call as tree tumbles in lower Gatewood

Thanks to Tim for the tip and top photo. A tree on the southeast edge of the Gatewood Elementary campus has fallen onto the back of The Little Gym‘s building next door (California/Myrtle). But we’re told no one was hurt and, so far, it’s not believed to have caused major damage, either to the building or to a car that’s under the tree

Logistics of removing the tree were being discussed when we were there a little while ago.

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  • ACG September 22, 2022 (1:16 pm)

    I see what you did there in that headline, WSB. – tree “tumbles” into The Little Gym. Well done. That said, I absolutely love The Little Gym and am so very thankful that no one was hurt. I hope the damage is minor to both the building and the affected car. 

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