White Center water break blamed for Highland Park trouble too

The photos are from a water-main break in White Center that is being blamed for trouble including discolored water in Highland Park. The photos are from Tom, who told us via email: “We had a water main break down here in White Center right in front of Mount View Elementary. All of 12th north of the school down to 106th was flooded. I think that the water was also flowing down to Coronado Springs but I never had a chance to see how bad it was down there. Most of us on 12th were pretty busy trying to keep the water out of our houses to limited success. Crews are tearing up the street now to repair and all of us have had our water shut off.”

In Highland Park, residents reporting brown water to Seattle Public Utilities (always call it in to 206-386-1800) report they were told the White Center break is to blame. The SPU water-outage map says it started just before 6 pm.

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  • Andrew January 9, 2022 (8:28 pm)

    Everyone in the vicinity should be advised that the sediments in the water, while they are not threatening to your health, can cause damaging buildup in your filters and water heaters. You should minimize the amount of water you run through your house until the water quality is restored, and avoid running hot water to prevent buildup in your water heaters.Please also note that the discolored water can be hard to notice. You have to run your water for a few minutes to clear your house lines before the discolored water comes through, and even then, it’s hard to notice unless you are filling a container and can observe the discoloration in a larger quantity of water. So double check your water, look close, and please share the word with your neighbors!SPU rep onsite advised that it might be until tomorrow morning before the water clears up. 

  • john January 10, 2022 (10:39 am)

    Andrew, thank you for the info. Can we get a map for where water sediment is going to be a problem?

    • Question Mark January 10, 2022 (4:33 pm)

      John, I’d say that if you can see discoloration then sediment-clogging in filters could be a problem.

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