WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Residence hit by gunfire; hit-and-run

Two West Seattle Crime Watch items:

RESIDENCE HIT BY GUNFIRE: Seattle Police report that this happened around 7:15 pm Monday in the 7100 block of 34th SW. Someone “fired at least one round from an area near a city park. That round struck a home, narrowly missing the resident. It is believed the suspect was firing at a vehicle nearby and the house was not the target.” The brief report doesn’t say which park, but the location is less than a block south of Walt Hundley Playfield. That’s the second time in a week that gunfire has hit a West Seattle residence; the other happened last Thursday night near 49th and Charlestown.

HIT-AND-RUN: This happened more than two weeks ago; we received the report and photo today from Cyrus:

My car was totaled by a hit and run driver at 3 am on September 18th. Parked just south of Harbor West condo, 3717 Beach Drive. Car was pushed into the street and police had it towed to a Shoreline impoundment lot as my phone was off so they couldn’t contact me. Given that it was parked facing south, the driver crossed the center line and struck it head on. I’m guessing it was street racers or a drunk. High rate of speed as frame and engine were bent. No witnesses or evidence.

If you have any information, the SPD incident number is 21-246508.

9 Replies to "WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Residence hit by gunfire; hit-and-run"

  • Auntie October 5, 2021 (6:38 pm)

    There still seem to be a lot of street racers on Alki and Beach Drive, even though summer has come and gone. And silly “reality TV” shows that lionize that ridiculous and dangerous behavior should not be aired. 

    • Legal Racer October 6, 2021 (7:25 am)

      Those  silly “reality shows” do their racing on a shut-down/closed controlled road and they make big money from these shows for both sides so, so long as the money rolls in the shows will continue. Unlike these people racing on Alki, Beach Dr and elsewhere they have no respect for anyone, they do not care, it’s all about them and making a “so called name” for themselves.My husband drag races but ONLY at Race tracks (Pacific Raceway) its a fun sport, adrenaline rush and the people that participate are all there to have fun and do it legally. Again, not like these kids on the public streets to where they more than likely do not have caged roll bars, helmets, fire retardant clothing, fire extinguishers and other safety features installed in/on their vehicles as my husbands does. Legal Race tracks make you have these safety items depending on how fast your vehicle goes otherwise you go home.Drag racing on public streets has been around forever, what will make it stop I have no idea.

      • ELJAY October 6, 2021 (10:46 am)

        How about finding a way to get these kid to the race track?

        • legal racer October 6, 2021 (11:44 am)

          That would be great Eljay if “we” could but I hate to say this… I think they’d rather do the racing illegally for the thrill of it.One or a few of them could make money by renting the track for a private race and charge each participant a set dollar amount to get in but again they’d rather do it illegally I’m afraid.

    • justWhy October 6, 2021 (8:54 pm)

      I wonder what they get out of this, is it money or health or intelligence? Longevity? Are any of these metrics important to them?

  • Scared October 5, 2021 (10:01 pm)

    Plethora of Seattle shootings and stray gunfire are getting extremely dangerous and concerning.Really scary. 

  • Craig October 6, 2021 (10:55 am)

    Some speed humps on Beach would be nice. There are 2 installed now, 300 feet apart for the entire 2.2 mile stretch with these frequent high speed racers. That’s 12,000 feet of road, with 2 speed humps 300 feet apart, and none in the most dense multifamily zoned areas, and near Alki Elementary, like where this accident happened. Put the speed ups in and slow traffic please!

    • alki_2008 October 6, 2021 (10:29 pm)

      Harbor West condos are hardly “near” Alki Elementary.  The street adjacent to the school has multiple speed humps.   The damaged car at 3am was more likely a drunk driver, which speed humps would have no effect on preventing.

      • Craig October 8, 2021 (7:52 am)

        My kids, who attend Alki Elementary, .5 miles from the accident site live and play (ride bikes, walk around)where this happened. A high speed accident doesn’t have to be directly in front of Alki Elementary to make it affect the safety of the neighborhood, nor does it have to happen during business hours to be a threat. We disagree that speed humps would have slowed down, or lessened the risk to others from a high speed driver, but my take is it would be a very low cost, and  always-on deterrent to reduce speed on a street where high speeds are well documented. You’re right, the accident wasn’t on 63rd, the street you mention that is adjacent and has speed bumps. 

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