BIZNOTE: New restaurant tenant for ex-Chaco Canyon Café space in West Seattle Triangle

More than a year after Chaco Canyon Organic Café closed at 3770 SW Alaska in The Triangle, there’s word of a new tenant for the space. While looking through city permit files, we found a renovation application in the name of West of Chicago Pizza Company, the pizzeria that’s been operating out of the KBM Seattle Commissary Kitchen in Delridge. The specialty: Deep-dish Chicago-style pizza. West of Chicago proprietor Shawn Millard tells WSB he’s not ready to disclose details of the plan for the Triangle space, but he’s looking forward to starting work on the overhaul, with the hope of being open in February.

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  • vanessa October 26, 2021 (11:12 am)

    YAHOO! Deep dish pizza close to the neighborhood!! Welcome and congratulations. Now I’m hungry.

    • Peeb October 27, 2021 (9:44 am)

      We have that already – Moto! I miss Chaco Canyon :(

      • lew October 27, 2021 (11:07 am)

        Moto is Detroit style. This will be Chicago style – an equally delicious but totally different animal! But I agree, I miss Chaco. 

        • anonyme October 28, 2021 (7:40 am)

          A side note: as a native Detroiter I can tell you that “Detroit-style” pizza is a very recent invention, and not in any way traditional.  I never saw a square pizza growing up.  Detroit pizza was closer to New York’s, with thin, bendy crust and caramelized cheese.  The most common way to get it was to order from one of the numerous Italian family groceries, which also made pizza and cannolis.  I really, really miss that pizza, but especially the fresh cannoli…mmm.  Now that’s Italian.

  • newnative October 26, 2021 (11:31 am)

    Well, that’s good news. Another local restaurant getting a brick-and-mortar storefront. Definitely looks good. 

  • West Seattle Tom October 26, 2021 (11:32 am)

    Man, I really wish this stayed a coffee shop… Need so many more late night shops to do work around here. 

    • WSB October 26, 2021 (12:31 pm)

      While I agree with your sentiment since I’m a night person, please note that this was never a coffee shop (nor a late-night venue). The building opened a decade ago and Chaco Canyon – a vegan restaurant – was its first tenant (after extensive community consultation – ) – TR

      • Rose October 27, 2021 (8:40 am)

        Chaco Canyon was a vegan restaurant but it also had a coffee bar. You didn’t have to order food, plenty went there and used it as a coffee shop getting tea or coffee and sitting to work. They offered wifi. 

  • East Coast Cynic October 26, 2021 (11:33 am)

    Congratulations Shawn, really dig the pizza.

  • Westwood October 26, 2021 (11:50 am)

    Oh no….not another pizza place!!! Whatever will we do?

    • WSB October 26, 2021 (12:05 pm)

      I suspect you’re being humorous but … technically not “another” – since they’re already in biz elsewhere in WS.

  • Sarah Airhart October 26, 2021 (11:55 am)

    I’ve really been under a rock-had no idea they even closed!

    • WSB October 26, 2021 (12:03 pm)

      Easy to miss a lot during the pandemic. We’ve tried our best to keep up but we’ve still missed a few things … businesses that quietly closed, new small businesses opening … we really appreciate those who continue sending tips. But we’re also continuing to comb through city files at least a few times a week, which is how we found this.

      • Glenn October 27, 2021 (9:53 am)

        Can the community assist in researching records for WSB, too? There may be slow news days sometimes then, I imagine, some may be overwhelming. You cover quite a bit of area

        • WSB October 27, 2021 (1:17 pm)

          Thank you. The most important assistance that we get, and always need more of, is what makes this a “community collaborative news source” – tips on what you see and hear, whether it’s a police response (those aren’t shown online in real time the way SFD responses are, and not everything is dispatched over the air, so we might not be aware until and unless someone texts us), a new sign going up, a rumor to check out … our hotline (text or voice) is 206-293-6302. Also re: researching, we often learn about info pages/databases from readers (such as the CDC’s cruise-ship COVID page, which somebody mentioned in a discussion of the ship that’s “hanging around”). Thanks! – TR

  • Jort October 26, 2021 (12:01 pm)

    Yay! Pizza! Glad to finally see more pizza options in West Seattle.

  • Carson October 26, 2021 (12:04 pm)

    Love West of Chicago Pizza. We will look forward to the opening.

  • K to the F October 26, 2021 (12:04 pm)

    SO glad it’s going to be food and not a law office or something. More food/drink options east side of Fauntleroy would rock!

  • annaeileen October 26, 2021 (12:12 pm)

    Congratulations Shawn!  Super good pizza and a great guy.  

  • Chris K October 26, 2021 (12:48 pm)

    Hopefully there won’t be a two month waiting list to get in.

  • Delridge Neighbor October 26, 2021 (12:49 pm)

    Oh no! Does that mean no more West of Chicago at the current Delridge location? We’ve been fortunate to have such a great business in walking distance here in Delridge, where walkable locations are in short supply. Looks like our loss will be the Junction’s gain. We’ll miss you, Shawn. Sounds like I’d better take advantage while I can.

  • T October 26, 2021 (12:53 pm)

    Great news!  Congrats Shawn.  Been eating this pizza for awhile – can’t wait to dine-in.  Truly delicious deep dish goodness.

  • Sez October 26, 2021 (1:05 pm)

    Really missing the healthy choices CC provided. Sigh.

    • helpermonkey October 26, 2021 (2:24 pm)

      @Sez, you should check out Heartbeet Cafe in the Morgan Junction. 

  • Woohoo October 26, 2021 (1:09 pm)

    Yay! We love West of Chicago’s pizzas! If you haven’t tried them yet, you are in for a treat! 

  • Also John October 26, 2021 (1:20 pm)

    I’ve had their pizza.  Super tasty!  This is walking distance now for me.  

  • johnny October 26, 2021 (1:24 pm)

    Awesome!  Best pizza in Seattle.  Legit authentic Chicago deep dish.

  • WS5 October 26, 2021 (4:59 pm)

    So glad West of Chicago Pizza is moving closer to us, although Delridge wasn’t far, this location is closer and it sounds like it will have sit in service.    This is my favorite of all the WS pizza places.

  • Matt October 26, 2021 (6:36 pm)

    Great pizza, glad they’re moving closer to the heart of our hood!Hey WSB, can you run an update story on the Ezell’s which has been connected to the Morgan Junction site (former phone store)?

    • WSB October 26, 2021 (7:06 pm)

      There’s nothing to update yet. When we last talked to the company, they had nothing to say beyond that they’re excited to be coming here. Both permit files and sightings (a truck a few days ago labeled RESTAURANT EQUIPMENT) show their work on the space is continuing – TR

  • Peel and Press October 26, 2021 (7:11 pm)

    Chef,  I am so excited for you!!! I remember the post you put up in a blog forum and the feedback was mixed on “another pizza place.”  I heard the same stuff when I opened.  I suggested you to forget the noise and bring something awesome that West Seattle doesn’t already have. You have done that and more! We didn’t have your style of pie and the community has overwhelming voted with their wallets and support. Your hard work over the last few years has been inspiring and I am so excited for you to go brick and mortar. If you need any help, let me know! Also, wouldn’t be upset to see that Italian beef sandwiches make it on your menu :-)-DanPeel and PressBoard President-WSCC

    • raywest October 27, 2021 (9:58 am)

      Peel And Press – I wasn’t excited to read about yet another pizza place (West of Chicago) opening up in West Seattle, but your kind words and encouragement for them to find a way to be different reminds me of your own establishment. When you first opened, I considered it as “just another pizza place” moving into the neighborhood. A friend and I ate there sometime after and had one of the best pizzas I’d ever eaten that was unlike other run-of-the-mill pies. I’ll give Chicago a try and see if they can also distinguish themselves.

  • Yes! October 26, 2021 (8:58 pm)

    I love this! West of Chicago pizza is great and sustains my family so far from Chicago. Make the Italian Beef full-time! It’s perfect. Better than Portillio’s (old recipe), Al’s, or Mr. Beef’s. 

    • CAM October 27, 2021 (1:26 am)

      My understanding is they will have the beef sandwiches, the tavern style pizza, and other added Chicago style food options added to the menu when they open as regular menu items. I am simultaneously thrilled and terrified for what this means for my diet. 

  • 1994 October 26, 2021 (9:37 pm)

    I LOVE West of Chicago Pizza! I will be visiting and eating at their new location!  Congratulations! to Shawn.

  • Hau October 26, 2021 (10:21 pm)

    Nice! They also have a great vegan option and I’m stoked to be able to hopefully be able to pick up a vegan pie more regularly! 

  • Ex-Westwood Resident October 26, 2021 (11:51 pm)

    Never heard of them, but from the write ups here, sounds like I should give them a try!

  • Photon October 27, 2021 (8:09 am)

    Sad he’ll no longer be a block away… excited that maybe he won’t so frequently be booked up for the day when we want spontaneous pizza! 

  • OompaLoompa October 27, 2021 (8:40 am)

    Another business leaving Delridge for the Junction. Will we be a food desert forever? So many business start in the area, and as soon as they build their business, leave for the Junction. I get that’s where most of the foot traffic is, but not all of us have cars or want to get on the bus everytime we want something to eat. They keep building plenty of expensive condos along Delridge, but no business space. Why? How can you build a community without any services? We barely have any crosswalks. Hopefully that’s being fixed with the Rapid Ride work. No shade at the pizza place, I know it’s awesome, and wish them best of luck, just a bummer.

    • S.A. October 27, 2021 (11:55 am)

      They’re currently only in an “incubator kitchen” and they’re not moving that far.

    • Supporter October 27, 2021 (12:35 pm)

      Food desert no more with the community support of our wonderful new Delridge  Grocery.

  • Tanya October 27, 2021 (3:07 pm)

    Love West of Chicago pizza! So glad they are moving closer to the junction area!!!!! Now I can teach my classes at LA Fitness and stop by after for takeout!!!!! Welcome Shawn!!!! Looking forward to February! 🙂

  • Alice October 27, 2021 (3:43 pm)

    I love West of Chicago! A very different type of pie for West Seattle, and the owner is sooooo nice. My family loves the meatball pizza.

  • WS5 November 2, 2021 (9:44 pm)

    Dan at Peel and Press is a class act!  There is enough dinner nights in a year for us to support many of our pizza places in West Seattle.  I love West of Chicago Pizza but I also Love Peel and Press pizza’s and a lot of other items on their menu like the pastas.  Both Dan and Shawn have have looked out and helped others in our community we should show them both the love.

  • Kelly November 3, 2021 (10:54 am)

    Oh no, Chaco Canyon is gone?!  Why?  What happened to Chaco Canyon?  That is so disappointing although rumor of a vegan slice will help to soften the blow.

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