DEVELOPMENT: Townhouses to replace parking lot

(King County Assessor’s Office photo)

More townhouses on the way to California Avenue SW. This time they’re not replacing an old house, but instead replacing a parking lot. This early-stage proposal has appeared in city files for 5420 California SW [map], currently a parking lot south of commercial buildings. The site plan (PDF) by Patano Studio Architecture has two configuration options. Both show two live-work units facing the street and six townhouse units behind it, with four parking spaces off the alley. “Option A” shows two units with their own garages; “Option B” shows four units with garages.

9 Replies to "DEVELOPMENT: Townhouses to replace parking lot"

  • KM February 26, 2020 (5:02 pm)

    I had no clue there was a parking lot there, and I’ve walked by more than a few times! This is a great upgrade.

  • M.B. February 26, 2020 (5:56 pm)

    Here’s hoping for Option B. I know it makes the housing more expensive, but cars aren’t going away any time soon – not with Light Rail not coming here until 2035 (at the earliest, if at all given the uncertainty of funding at this point).  It looks like the lot had space for about 15 cars? Cars should, when possible, be parked on your own property and not on private property (the street) – but that means having the option to do so. It’s also just more secure. We have way too many car prowls, even when people leave nothing in their cars.

    • CAM February 27, 2020 (6:19 am)

      Light rail is coming in 2030 and the streets are public property, not private. Garages won’t prevent theft from vehicles. Burglars can break into garages as well. 

  • jane diver February 26, 2020 (6:08 pm)

    Better to build here than to have more urban sprawl, I like my hikes in the woods.  Seems reasonable, not too dense. 

  • Kaitlin February 26, 2020 (6:34 pm)

    Where are people supposed to park these days.

  • Also John February 26, 2020 (7:38 pm)

    I agree with MB.  I like Option 2 also.  It appears there’ll be more space for off street parking.  As you said… are not going away for a long time.

    I’ve always admired the beautiful craftsman house south of the parking lot.

  • Nolan February 26, 2020 (11:17 pm)

    Pleasant surprise that no one’s yet complained about this contributing to the destruction of our neighborhood’s character.

    • Steve February 27, 2020 (10:57 am)

      I think it’s implied – it seems parking lots are the essence of neighborhood character. 

  • KO February 27, 2020 (7:47 am)

    What’s going on with the townhomes at Fauntleroy and Graham? They look abandoned. 

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