BIZNOTE: Shadowland changes

Two readers emailed us to report that they had heard Shadowland in The Junction would be discontinuing its regular slate of events including pub-quiz trivia and DJ Night soon. They were worried it was a sign of more change to come. So we went over to ask. No, manager Heather told us, not a sign of anything ahead – they are doing fine as a restaurant and bar and have decided to focus on that since attendance at events had slipped, and features such as trivia are abundantly available elsewhere. Shadowland (4458 California SW) is in its 12th year.

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  • David Clarke January 18, 2019 (5:51 am)

    Have always enjoyed Shadowland in the past but noticed the last few visits the service is really slipping and they are in desperate need of new bar stools that are the appropriate height for the bar as well as a deep clean.

  • Tom January 18, 2019 (6:17 am)

    Oh thank goodness for them going back to just being a good classic bar & restaurant. I can’t even count the number of nights we’ve skipped going there because of those annoying trivia & DJ nights. Stick to what made you successful to begin with. Great bar, decent food, live music, etc. Then your dedicated customers will stick with you. And they’ll keep bringing friends (aka new customers) with them.

    • Keith January 18, 2019 (10:29 am)

      Same experience here! They had really great food in the first few years (I’m thinking of you, pork chop) hope they get back to that.

  • Leelee January 18, 2019 (6:43 am)

    Bring back the Frances Farmer drink!!!

    • MrsT January 18, 2019 (5:20 pm)


  • West Seattle Guy January 18, 2019 (7:15 am)

    Oh thank goodness. I was worried they were canceling their pretty excellent happy hour.I noticed this week the trivia attendance was pretty low.  Feel bad for th host. He seems passionate about trivia.

    • CAM January 18, 2019 (8:15 am)

      I’m fairly certain there were over 10 teams at trivia night this week. That’s 20+ people at a minimum at the bar for 3 or so hours ordering drinks and food. The weeks that turnout has been low have been weeks that turnout at most events anywhere would be low, holidays, bad/excellent weather days, etc.

  • FedUp January 18, 2019 (9:58 am)

    I can see why the trivia night has lost customers. The moderator was anything but moderate in his political views. Always bashing the side he’s not on.   I was tired of everything being political. 

  • pubquizzer January 18, 2019 (11:27 am)

    I attended trivia pretty regularly when Scott hosted, and hadn’t been back quite as much since Chris took over, but it was still a quality quiz and usually had good attendance. There were even around 10 teams there on Christmas Eve! I’m sorry to see it go, but will take solace in the availability other trivia nights.A properly tuned and cleaned beer delivery system is the thing that would improve my Shadowland experiences the most.

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