READER REPORT: Package-theft evidence?

A reader texted that while on business in the Luna Park area off Manning this morning, they found empty Amazon packages, possibly evidence of theft. The addresses were for an apartment in the 2200 block of Alki, a house on the 5600 block of 37th SW, and the Amazon Locker outside Jefferson Square Safeway. They called police but absent reports from the theft victims, the calltaker would only refer them to the illegal dumping hotline. So the finder asked us to put out a general package-theft alert.

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  • Jon Wright September 2, 2018 (2:33 pm)

    The degree to which our police department doesn’t seem to have any interest in dealing with obvious crime is frustrating.  They seem to subscribe to the “If a crime happens but nobody reports, is it really a crime?” philosophy. Just going by the reports here on the blog, package theft seems to be a pretty frequent thing and one would hope the police might exhibit some interest in evidence of a crime.It would be enlightening to know if this perceived indifference is on account of specific direction from City Hall, a practical limitation due to being short of police staff, or just P.D. policy.

    • Jethto Marx September 2, 2018 (4:04 pm)

      This appears to be a story about empty boxes. What, pray, are the police to do about it?

    • Concerned September 2, 2018 (4:39 pm)

      I know for a fact that it is all of the above in which you ask

    • The King September 2, 2018 (8:38 pm)

      If you’ve ever had the misfortune of going to an impound lot to retrieve your stolen vehicle it really gives you a different perspective on the level of crime in this city. When I went the lot it was approximately 100 yards deep by 80 yards wide over in the Rainier area, the lady running the lot said the massive amount of vehicles there were from that week. This was over 20 years ago. Their concern about who took my car was a zero on a scale of 10….they are much busier nowadays. 

  • Childplay September 2, 2018 (5:16 pm)

    Maybe a call to Amazon giving them the addresses.  They are the ones ending up replacing the items.  Especially in regards to the Amazon locker.

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