West Seattle Crime Watch: Stolen black BMW; car break-in

Two reader reports:

STOLEN CAR: Kirsten e-mailed us this report after posting in the WSB Forums.

My car was stolen Thursday night/early Friday morning from right in front of our home on SW Nevada St.—the 2800 block. I have the police report (18-315901) and just want to get more eyes out there, as we know the perp had been shopping in the neighborhood from West Seattle down into White Center and Beverly Park/ Evansville on my now-cancelled cards. Home Depot, 76, Autozone, another Home Depot, Shell, O’Reilly’s…

So if you could please put the word out on a 2013 Black BMW X6 — license plate AYK8377 — and ask that people call 911 to report it if seen, I’d be so grateful. It’s just a car, but it was taken from right in front of our home along with a few personal effects in the car, and it feels incredibly violating. PLEASE. (And thank you.)

CAR BREAK-IN: From Ariana:

Just wanted to let everyone know that our car was broken into around 5 am, although our alarm went off and scared off the car prowler. We did have items in back that most likely encouraged them to break in. We live on 21st Ave SW (in) 98106 and this is the second time this year that our cars have been broken into – both times we had ‘valuable’-looking items in the back.

7 Replies to "West Seattle Crime Watch: Stolen black BMW; car break-in"

  • Jw August 26, 2018 (6:42 am)

    Do you think the perpetrator had a key or hotwired your new BMW? What kind of anti theft devices does a new BMW have? Sorry it happened! 

  • Quora August 26, 2018 (8:52 am)

    That’s a nice whip. Any ideas how they could steal such a new car?I didn’t report it on WSB but my 2016 was stolen from my driveway back in June. It is a sophisticated German car with all the bells and whistles including a top notch security system and it was STILL taken.i found it 4 days later about 3 blocks from my house parked on a side street. me thinks these car jackers have more tools available to them to take whatever make and model they want. It’s pretty scary.

  • Ben August 26, 2018 (2:28 pm)

    If your car has a key fob criminals can buy a key fob amplifier it’s a divice that picks up the signal from your key fob and amplify it so they can start or unlock your car leave your key in a metal box at night 

  • Rick August 26, 2018 (4:08 pm)

    Just own a 1978 Chevette. Problem solved.

  • LK August 27, 2018 (8:14 am)

    My former neighbor in Oakland had her new, 2 day old Highlander stolen out of her driveway one summer evening a few years ago.  It turned out someone who worked at the dealership obtained a copy of the key and had stolen it!  If your car has been serviced recently this could be a possibility to consider, as well as the tip above from BEN.  Good luck recovering your car! 

  • bolo August 27, 2018 (9:26 pm)

    How do you know they did all that shopping? Did they get your credit card also? Doubly painful, if so. Sorry to hear about that. I have often thought about installing a kill switch on mine.

  • EH August 31, 2018 (8:28 pm)

    Spotted this car yesterday at the corner of 16th  Aveby the triangle pub in S Delridge/white center.  Was driving irriticaly and side swiped parked cars.  (Almost his is).  We called the police to report it as it seemed like a young inexperienced driver with no back license plate.  It looked very suspicious 

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