VOTED YET? Deadline Tuesday night

(WSB photo – High Point ballot dropbox, around 6 pm tonight)

If you haven’t voted yet – you have 24 1/2 hours left. Tomorrow is Election Day, aka “voting deadline day” – you have to get your ballot to a dropbox by 8 pm Tuesday, or if you’re mailing it, be sure it’ll be postmarked Tuesday (or today). More than 80 percent of Seattle voters’ ballots had NOT been turned in as of midday today, according to the county Elections Department. So here’s what you need to know:

WHERE TO VOTE: The full list of ballot dropboxes around King County is here. West Seattle’s dropbox is outside High Point Library, on SW Raymond just east of 35th SW [map]; there’s also one outside the White Center Library, 1409 SW 107th [map]. Other ways to vote are detailed here.

WHAT/WHO’S ON THE BALLOT: Here’s what and who you will find on your ballot (each link below takes you to more information about the measure/candidate).

*One countywide ballot measure – King County Proposition 1, formally titled “Levy Lid Lift for Veterans, Seniors and Vulnerable Populations.”

*King County ExecutiveDow Constantine*, Bill Hirt

*King County SheriffMitzi Johanknecht, John Urquhart*

*Seattle MayorJenny Durkan, Cary Moon
(Undecided? Our coverage of their two recent West Seattle forums, with video, is here and here)

*Seattle City Council Position 8 (citywide) – Jon Grant, Teresa Mosqueda

*Seattle City Council Position 9 (citywide) – M. Lorena González*, Pat Murakami

*Seattle City AttorneyPete Holmes*, Scott Lindsay

*Seattle Port Commission Position 1Ryan Calkins, John Creighton*

*Seattle Port Commission Position 3Ahmed Abdi, Stephanie Bowman*

*Seattle Port Commission Position 4Preeti Shridhar, Peter Steinbrueck

*Seattle Public Schools director, District 4 (citywide vote) – Herbert J. Camet, Jr., Eden Mack

*Seattle Public Schools director, District 5 (citywide vote) – Zachary Pullin DeWolf, Omar Vasquez

*Seattle Public Schools director, District 7 (citywide vote) – Chelsea Byers, Betty Patu*

*Court of Appeals, Division 1, District 1, Judge Position 2Michael S. Spearman*, Nathan W.S. Choi

*State Advisory Vote 16

*State Advisory Vote 17

*State Advisory Vote 18

Once you’ve voted – track your ballot here. And tomorrow, watch for the first round of results around 8:15 pm.

P.S. As noted in a comment, we forgot to include this link – if you need a replacement ballot and/or envelope – yours got lost, or damaged, or didn’t arrive – here’s what to do.

10 Replies to "VOTED YET? Deadline Tuesday night"

  • Dan November 6, 2017 (8:37 pm)

    Never received my ballot in the mail. Is it too late to get one somewhere?  Where would that be?

  • ScubaFrog November 7, 2017 (4:24 am)

    I voted!  Thanks for the reminder WSB :)

    Please vote everyone regardless of political stance, only 3/4 of America votes.  

  • anonyme November 7, 2017 (7:04 am)

    Voting by mail should be convenient.  But if you have mobility issues, live in a neighborhood with no mailboxes, and carriers will not pick up outgoing mail, it becomes a problem.  More drop boxes would be helpful, or better yet – a mobile drop box/van.

  • Diane November 7, 2017 (12:56 pm)

    I heard on TV news that drop-boxes this year have been increased to 50, whereas last year only 10; if that is correct, that is awesome; really hope it increases voter turnout

  • Diane November 7, 2017 (1:31 pm)

    thanks; I count 55 drop-boxes and 21 drop-boxes in Seattle; that’s excellent;

  • AM November 7, 2017 (5:05 pm)

    The Ballot Box at the Library is a total disaster. Cars parked illegally all over the place. There really should be someone monitoring that situation. It’s a complete mess. I miss the drive-through box at the stadium.

    • J November 7, 2017 (5:53 pm)

      I completely agree with you.  How was this location chosen to support all the traffic associated with a drop-box?  The road is narrow, there is very little parking and there isn’t even a person collecting drive-by ballots as they did at the stadium.  Glad I took my ballot early because it’s about to get really crazy over there.

  • Jon Wright November 7, 2017 (7:29 pm)

    The box was just fine earlier today. Perhaps you ought give not waiting until the last minute a try. And this location was not chosen to be a “convenient drive through,” it was chosen because it was accessible to a historically-disenfranchised community.

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