AS-IT-HAPPENED COVERAGE: West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day 2017!


9 AM: It’s all in the signage! Above, Dave sent the photo after setting up Sale #56 (3831 44th SW). Below, Sammy sent the sign showing that Sale #159 (5339 SW Manning) is in the rain-or-shine spirit.

So far, the weather’s better than we expected! Just bring a jacket. Send photos to – we are traveling around for a few stops too.

9:09 AM: Our first stop was Endolyne Joe’s (WSB sponsor) – not just because we had to get breakfast, but because they’re having a sale!

Jennifer and Andrea are pointing the way to Sale #256 (9261 45th SW), under canopies right outside the restaurant. They made a sale even before 9 am. Half the proceeds go to Youngstown Cultural Arts Center (see our full list of benefit sales here). Lots of refreshments at other stops, like Doree‘s sale, #188 (30th SW/SW Othello):

Ten sales are promising lemonade today.

9:40 AM: Another thing we like about Garage Sale Day – it’s an all-ages event. This young helper invites you to come shop for toys at Sale #69 (3018 60th SW) in the Alki area:

And from Karen at Sale #207, 3437 37th SW:

Our next stop – Pigeon Point, where there are three sales, all on 20th SW.

9:54 AM: As we head toward West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day 2017 hour 2, here’s our Pigeon Point stop:

Since this is the 13th annual WSCGSD and it’s May 13th, we chose Sale #13 (3849 20th SW), where we met baby Joey and mom. And now from the mailbox, the only sale we know of today that involves a glass artist:

Brad’s work is at Sale #163 (3241 47th SW). On the south side in Seaview, Ashley sent this photo of the foosball table that’s among her sale’s offerings:

She’s at Sale #278 (6047 44th SW). We, meanwhile, are in the Admiral area now, on SW Walnut, site of four almost-adjacent sales just east of Hiawatha. (One has a sign with YARD crossed out and GARAGE written in, instead. But so far the weather remains blissfully dry!) Below, shoppers at 2932 SW Walnut (Sale #73):

And at 2926 SW Walnut (Sale #70), which promised you a chance to meet a golden-retriever puppy … here’s Wisco!

10:20 AM: More from the mailbox – Machel sent this photo from the arts/crafts fair at C & P Coffee Company, 5612 California SW, WSB sponsor, and Sale #239 on the map:

Any cool finds? Let us know, now or later – (or in the comments).

10:46 AM: Near Madison Middle School, Lara is heading up Sale #92 (3446 45th Ave SW):

45th SW also is a hive of shopping activity so far as we’ve seen. And as we head toward Hour 3 – sunshine! … Just in from Sale #243, 7702 44th SW in Gatewood:

They’re selling birdhouses and planter boxes as a fundraiser for Seattle Children’s Hospital.

11:11 AM: Hour three, and the weather gets better and better. Good day even to just walk to your nearest sales. You can see the sun in our photo from the courtyard at Hotwire Online Coffeehouse, a multiseller site along with the West Seattle Christian lot across the alley to the east:

They are Sale #42. Also in the courtyard, look for Sale #35, with figurines, “mostly elephants.” … From there, we continued our zigzag across the peninsula, now checking out the northernmost sale on this year’s WSCGSD map, Sale #145 at 1503 42nd Ave SW in North Admiral, promising “no junk!”

Seller Brian posed with the jaguar that’s part of the merchandise. … Also in North Admiral, Sale #156 (2007 Ferry SW) is raising money for West Seattle High School baseball. Lots of gear, as well as refreshments.

Thanks to Delia for the photo.

11:37 AM: In the south – Sale #224 at 9252 35th SW sent photos including this one:

Here’s what they’re offering: “We have great furniture, slot car track, mini pool table and shoes! And we accept Venmo! Free beer!” … Or maybe you are more in the mood for lemonade. Another stand today is at 5002 51st SW, southwest of The Junction, Sale #242:

Lynda sent the photo of Sidney and Sawyer Sullivan, who have: “Mint Lemonade, Strawberry Lemonade, Plain Lemonade and Chocolate Chip Cookies at 51st & Hudson.” … In the mood to make your own treats? Here’s what we found at Sale #115 (2436 55th SW) on Alki:

On to Upper Alki, Sale #157 at 5806 SW Spokane. A few raindrops as we checked to see if their “raining lamp” had sold (yes). But here’s Nigel Charles with the signage:

12:10 PM: Hour four, and we’re in The Junction, with a few more raindrops. Here is where Thunder Road Guitars (WSB sponsor) is having a business garage sale – “Offloading years of accumulation. Vintage Guitars, amps, pedals, speakers, tubes, books, parts, amp covers, cases, etc. Great deals, low low prices!”

Proprietor Frank Gross told us they’re doing very well. Sale #55 on the map, 4736 California SW – open until 6 pm … Back to the south end, Katie just sent this photo from 10440 42nd Ave SW, where “all clothes are $1!”

They are Sale #310. By the way, we’re currently south of The Triangle and the sun is out again after a fleeting, fairly light rainshower.

12:37 PM: May showers, of course, might bring June flowers. So we’re checking on some sales next with plants. First, Sale #169, 7118 32nd SW, just south of High Point, where we met Naomi and Matthew:

Plant starts are part of what you’ll find there. And next, we’re headed to the Solstice P-Patch plant sale near Lincoln Park. … First, a photo just sent by Matt at Sale #132, at 3227 45th SW:

Matt’s summary: “Vintage bike, LCD TV, designer lamp, and tons of baby stuff! Great finds!”

12:59 PM: Headed into hour five. Baby stuff is big this year – here’s another site with both accessories and clothing, Sale #154, 2701 51st SW:

Several sales promised boating-related items. This one, Sale #216, even started the day WITH a boat:

3525 SW Kenyon in Gatewood. … Feeling like a snack? Treats on sale at Sale #194, 3870 35th SW:

While you’re out, if you’re ready for a break before one last round of shopping, check out our full activity list for today – everything from car-washing to wine.

1:30 PM: Finally made it over to Solstice P-Patch. They reported they’re almost sold out of plants! But if you’re looking for Mother’s Day gifts …

They’re right by the tennis courts at 7400 Fauntleroy Way SW, across from the north end of Lincoln Park, Sale #233 on our map. If you’re still looking for plants, you might also look at Sale #250, 7558 44th SW in Gatewood:

That’s their presale photo. … Some sales slash prices in the late-going, like this one:

Sale #67 is at 3912 California SW.

2:16 PM: Final hour, already, and the weather just keeps getting sunnier, which is why Vanessa at Sale #30 decided to extend her hours:

She and Bond, James Bond (unless he finds a buyer sooner), will be at 9009 13th SW until 5 pm.

2:44 PM: And a final offer from Sale #188:

And we just got an update from benefit sale #243, mentioned in our 10:46 am update above:

Thank you so much for sponsoring the WS Garage Sales. Sold out of bird houses — even sold three to order. Total sales of over $600 — all of which will be donated to Seattle Children’s Hospital.

Love West Seattle!
Anna and Al

Thanks to everyone participating today – shoppers, sellers, helpers … Next up, we’ll be reminding you about the donation drives that welcome “leftovers” that sellers don’t want to keep, and/or items that shoppers bought to give away, etc.

ADDED 7:36 PM: One more benefit-sale report:

Planned Parenthood Donation from Sale #154

We’ve now totaled our sales and we raised $226.25 for Planned Parenthood! This includes $33 in cash donations. Thank you, West Seattle!

Bruce & Stacie

Anyone else? We’ll continue to check for a few days before it goes dormant until next year.

ADDED 6:34 PM: Another seller just e-mailed us to say she’d had a great day but couldn’t post here because comments are now closed on this story. We apologize – that wasn’t intentional; some technical trouble lately is leading to the comment function – which otherwise is programmed to stay open until two weeks after the story is published or two weeks after the last comment, whichever comes last – shutting down on some stories. We usually can fix it but the fix doesn’t work on stories with many updates – like this one (30 updates counting this one), and a couple others earlier in the year.

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  • Admiral Dad May 13, 2017 (9:26 am)

    My daughter was late but she has spent the last few weeks working on getting PlayMobile and Lego sets together as well as kids books and some American Girl items.

    2751 38th Ave SW

  • valvashon May 13, 2017 (11:20 am)

    If you are selling today be vigilant and keep your eyes open.  We were just swarmed and are pretty sure that a few of our small items (little girls clothing) were thrift-lifted along with some things being purchased.  Beware of distracting talk, such as about the plants in your yard, etc.

    • WSB May 13, 2017 (11:36 am)

      Sorry to hear that. This also reminds me that taking large bills should be done with caution – we heard a few weeks back from someone who had a standalone sale and received a counterfeit $50.

  • K'lo May 13, 2017 (1:18 pm)

    Traffic is a mess in WS today! Pack your patience . . .

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