WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: 1 car stolen, 2 prowled

Another auto theft in North Admiral – Heather says it’s one of three crimes overnight near California SW and SW Hill:

This morning 2 cars in a apartment parking lot were ransacked. Nothing of value was stolen (that I’m aware of. I only know what was taken out of my car).

My boyfriend’s 1997 Honda Accord [photo above] was also stolen from the side street (Hill St). License #AGV3163.

If you see it, call 911.

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  • WestCake January 4, 2017 (12:50 pm)

    Went to the Safeway at 12.30 AM Tuesday Morning, there was a woman in a car that was obviously being lived in. Odd, but she’s in the parking lot, maybe for safety I think. I grab a few items. I get in my car and leave, while doing so I notice the woman has pulled her car into a lane and is just sitting there with the car running, lane of safeway parking lot. I cruise out towards California Ave, a man comes flying in the parking lot wildly on a bicycle, the bike is out of control to the point I stop my car to avoid hitting him. I leave.
    Now, here’s what they do. She parks at the Safeway as a get away car. He takes the bike and prowls the neighborhood. The car is what can get pulled over by a random police officer, in the parking lot it looks like a customer and has a reason to be there. He’s on a bike, on the move, and somewhat harder to catch. It’s not the greatest idea but it’s working for them.
    Take pictures of license plates, I almost did on the way in because I thought my car might get hit. I live in North Admiral and will keep an eye out. This is all speculative but I’ve lived in a few major cities, crime ridden areas, and this seems logical.

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