West Seattle Crime Watch: Is this your bike? Police want to hear from you ASAP. Also, car prowler(s) steal mountain gear; thieves hit church

Three cases in West Seattle Crime Watch this afternoon. First – is this your bike?

POLICE SEEK BIKE’S OWNER: Southwest Precinct police are looking for this bicycle’s owner – they believe it was left at a crime scene by a repeat offender.


If it’s yours, please call SPD ASAP at 206-817-6370.

Meantime, two cases we were already just about to report – first, a car prowler got away with a lot of gear:


My cars were broken into this morning … parked (in the 4700 block of) SW Dawson.

The thieves got away with away quite a list of valuables, but the summary is as follows:
-3 rock climbing harnesses
-2 climbing ropes (blue/red)
-15 quick draws (black/orange)
-assorted carabiners
-Patagonia duffel (navy blue) with assorted women’s clothing (my partners)
-Black canvas duffel with assorted men’s clothing
-2 pairs rock climbing shoes
-150 liter duffel with Rainier Mountaineering Inc. logo on the side with assorted clothing inside
-110 liter Mountain Hardwear back pack grey/white
-28 liter Mammut pack blue
-10 liter Petzl pack black/grey
-10 liter black diamond pack grey/lime green

I haven’t taken a complete inventory of things I lost, but the items listed are the biggest things (I think). I work as a mountain guide and the things that were stolen are equipment I use for work so the loss is doubly significant as I will need to replace the items in order to work.

CHURCH HIT BY THEFT: Multiple congregation members from Westside Unitarian Universalist in Gatewood called our attention today to this item in the church’s newsletter, which we are republishing with church permission:

Last Sunday the laptop from our AV booth was stolen by two people who entered the building around 2:00 through a door that was propped open for a construction project. Two members saw them and asked about their purpose and the couple gave them a false story about a class they were attending in the building. Please be mindful at all times to not leave valuables unattended. Please help us keep a watchful eye for any suspicious behavior – just let a staff person or church leader know.

One person who saw the thieves says this might be linked to the Senior Center purse theft mentioned here yesterday – we’re still collecting information on that for a followup, but wanted to get these items out in the meantime.

3 Replies to "West Seattle Crime Watch: Is this your bike? Police want to hear from you ASAP. Also, car prowler(s) steal mountain gear; thieves hit church"

  • Maria September 30, 2016 (5:46 pm)

    5000 block of 41st Ave SW.

    Our car was burglarized last night, it was parked in the back driveway, entered from the alley.  The only things we can tell are missing are: lots of change, a USB charge cord, a pink mace spray.

    My biggest concern is the mace spray because the burglar can use it to hurt others.

    We didn’t call the police because every time we call the police to report anything, they report it absolutely and completely wrong.  They lie about the time and date, the people’s names, the activity that took place and the statements that were made.  And that’s only if they decide that a report should be written at all.

  • Ethan Cedergreen October 1, 2016 (2:53 pm)

    To the people who had their climbing gear stolen, I have some gear you are welcome to have. I am no longer involved in the sport, just tossed my climbing shoes the other day but still have all my hardware as I have not found somebody to give it to. You can contact me by email.  ethancedergreen@gmail.com

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